hydraulic fittings suppliersHydraulic fittings suppliers offer solutions to enable the quick and easy connection and disconnection of hydraulic fluid lines and prevent fluid leaks. Hydraulic quick couplers are typically used to control hydraulic fluid, although can also be used with other fluids such as water, chemicals, steam and gases. Quick connect fittings are found in a myriad of industries including both stationary and mobile applications such as:

• Industrial
• Agricultural
• Construction
• Electronics
• Food processing
• and many others

Hydraulic fittings significantly improve the user’s operation by preventing fluid leakage and simplifying connections. Engineers design machinery and equipment with the use of quick couplings to add value by improving the serviceability. Hydraulic quick couplings save valuable time during operations, maintenance and testing of equipment.

Whether looking for hydraulic fittings for new designs or retrofitting existing machinery and equipment, engineers seek the advice of qualified hydraulic fittings manufacturers. Hydraulic fittings suppliers who provide custom designed engineering and manufacturing offer the most value to any supply chain of OEMs large and small. Quick couplings which are custom designed to the process provide maximum performance, durability and safety.

Design Considerations for Hydraulic Fittings Suppliers

Operations managers and end users of machinery have the best knowledge of their equipment specifications and the properties required of their quick connect hydraulic fittings. When seeking to improve your quick connect process, there are some design factors that should be taken into consideration prior to specifying the hydraulic fittings required.

Design consideration to discuss with your hydraulic fittings supplier include:

• Maximum service pressure – hydraulic fittings may have a higher pressure drop than simpler fittings. Design engineers must confirm the flow performance required of their design or equipment and know the pressure limitations.
• Temperature Compatibility – the material of hydraulic fittings must offer optimum performance at the operation temperature of the application.
• Material selection – selecting the right material for your hydraulic fitting is a critically important design consideration. All materials in the construction of your quick coupling fitting must be compatible with the working fluid.
• Type of hose – the type of hose or tubing that will attach to the hydraulic fitting is an important design consideration to achieve the best hydraulic solution.
• One handed operation – specify whether the process requires disconnection with one hand.
• Shut-off mechanism – is a shut off mechanism required? Some applications prefer to not include a shut off device to maximize flow capacity.
• Multiple coupling – are multiple hydraulic lines required to be connected or disconnected simultaneously? Multi-coupling plates significantly improve process efficiency and safety in many applications.

Working with an experienced hydraulic fittings supplier will provide maximum, cost-saving benefits of a well-designed quick connect process. Your hydraulic fittings supplier should provide:

• Technical support
• Process analysis
• Problem-solving
• Custom designed hydraulic solutions

Stucchi Provides Custom Designed Hydraulic Fittings

Stucchi is recognized for forward thinking, innovative hydraulic quick coupler solutions, offering a vast product line of standard quick couplers and custom designed couplings. Since 1960, Stucchi has been recognized as a leading global supplier of hydraulic quick couplings. We combine decades of experience in design and engineering with vast resources to develop unique connection solutions for challenging configurations.

If one of our standard hydraulic fitting doesn’t fit your application, contact our technical help desk where you can leave a message for an engineer and upload a file with your specifications.

Our wide selection of hydraulic fittings includes:

Flat face couplers
• Threaded flat face couplers
• Threaded poppet couplers
• Poppet interchange couplers
• Multi-coupling plates
• High-pressure couplers
• Specialty couplers
• Valves and accessories

Stucchi offers skilled process analysis to improve fluid control applications with efficient quick connect solutions. Your quick connect process should improve serviceability, eliminate unplanned equipment downtime, eliminate environmental contamination and provide safety in the workplace.

Custom Hydraulic Solutions for Many Industries

Stucchi is experienced in analyzing quick connect processes and all design considerations of hydraulic fittings. Our process analysis and custom designed hydraulic solutions have improved quick connect applications to a multitude of industries including:

• Mobile equipment – keep your equipment on the road with no leaks to eliminate environmental contamination, improve productivity and safety.
• Agricultural equipment – keep your agricultural equipment in top working order with hydraulic fittings for tractors, Bobcat equipment and all agricultural equipment.
• Industrial applications – improve serviceability of machinery and equipment to eliminate unplanned machinery downtime production requirements.
• Oil and gas exploration – harsh environments require durable materials to withstand elements such as dirt, debris, saltwater and extreme temperatures.

Stucchi offers custom designed hydraulic quick connect solutions for these industrial applications and many others. We provide ISO 16028 quick connect couplings, stainless steel couplers, high-pressure quick couplings, and multi-coupling plates to improve automation and safety.

Stucchi is a leading hydraulic fittings supplier, offering experienced problem solving, design and engineering of quick coupling solutions. We provide exceptional customer service with ongoing support to improve your quick connect process. Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn how to improve your application with custom designed, leak free quick connect solutions.