Looking for Specialty Hydraulic Quick Coupler Adapters?

custom hydraulicsSpecialty hydraulic quick coupler adapters and couplers provide connection solutions for challenging coupling applications and custom designed processes that require replacement couplers. It can be difficult to find replacement couplers or hydraulic adapters that fit and perform satisfactorily in custom and challenging applications. It can be equally difficult to find couplers that are compatible between new and old equipment.

When looking for custom or specialty hydraulic adapters and couplers, trust Stucchi for custom designed hydraulic connection solutions. Stucchi offers industry expertise with more than 60 years in business meeting customer demands for leak-free connections. We provide hydraulic adapter solutions which feature low air inclusion at connection and minimum spillage during disconnection.

Stucchi Offers Specialty Hydraulic Quick Coupler Adapters

Stucchi offers a wide selection of hydraulic quick coupler adapters and plates, bringing added value to the supply chain of OEMs worldwide. We support industrial and manufacturing applications with high quality quick connect and disconnect products, including custom designed connection solutions. We provide reliable hydraulic connection solutions you can count on in demanding applications and processes utilizing generations of equipment.

Stucchi employs experienced engineers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in designing connection solutions specific to your process. Our specialty adapters and couplings include:

  • Saturn Block – The Saturn Block provides easy connection and disconnection under pressure by draining any residual pressure before connecting, allowing for effortless connection without pressure. By reducing pressure before connection with a user-friendly relief system, risk of injury is greatly reduced. The Saturn block is also compatible as a field replacement with other systems connected under pressure.The Saturn block offers flat face push to connect coupling with sizes ranging from ½” through ¾”, and interchangeable with ISO 16028 coupling sizes ½”, 5/8” and ¾”, and drain line sizes of 3/8” or ½” male. With a zinc plated surface, NBR or POM and anti-extrusion rings, the Saturn Block is ideal in Excavation, Skid steers and mobile construction equipment.
  • Custom Plate Couplers – Custom plate couplers are designed exactly to your specification whether you are replacing legacy couplers or refurbishing the entire plant. Our custom plate solutions perform consistently in the most rigorous of environments eliminating downtime, leaks and crossing of lines.Our custom plate couplers are available in sizes ranging from 3/8” through 2 ½”, with port options of JIC, SAE, DIN, ORFS, SAE and BSP. These flat face couplings are easy to handle with compact construction and are ideal in industrial automation plates.
  • FIRG/ISO A Adapter Series – When you need dimensional compatibility between new and old equipment, the FIRG/ISO A Adapter series adapts imperial nominal size to ISO metric size. This saves time and resources by avoiding changing mismatched couplers. The bi-directional flow adapters are utilized in systems under high pressure that need leak-free, reliable coupling connection.The FIRS/ISO A Adapter series features the size of ½” with a working pressure of 250 bar/3750 psi and bi-directional flow. This series is ideal in any environment where old and new, or generations of equipment exist and in high-pressure situations which require leak-free, reliable connection.

Specialty couplings and hydraulic quick coupler adapters by Stucchi enhance reduce or eliminate downtime, improve productivity and offer safe solutions for connections under pressure.

Stucchi Offers Custom Designed Hydraulic Connections

Stucchi offers effective and reliable connections in any application, with custom designed coupling solutions available to meet your unique specifications. We are committed to solving your problems with the development of consistent and reliable fluid control solutions required in challenging configurations. If one of our specialty couplers or any one of our many standard couplings do not meet your requirements, we provide custom designed solutions to even the most challenging of quick connect and disconnect applications.

We invite you to visit our technical help desk to upload a blueprint or document for personal attention from one of our skilled engineers. We are problem solvers by nature and dedicated to providing reliable connection solutions for any environment. Stucchi is a valuable addition to any supply chain with resources in Europe and the U.S., we provide quick turnaround time with exceptional ongoing customer service.

When you require reliable, leak-free connections with hydraulic adapters and couplings, Stucchi is ready to put our problem-solving skills to work. Our reliable, durable and versatile quick connect solutions enhance efficiency with reduced down time and quick changeovers, improve safety for employees working under pressure and help to preserve the environment by preventing fluid leakage.

Stucchi is recognized as a leading global supplier of quick coupling solutions, offering connection solutions with innovative products for over 60 years. We provide in-depth knowledge and vast experience in developing customized solutions to meet challenging, unique configurations. Contact us today to learn more about our specialty hydraulic quick coupler adapters.