hydraulic quick release couplingReliable hydraulic quick release coupling solutions provide leak free hydraulic connections across a broad range of applications. Many industrial processes in construction, manufacturing, mobile equipment, the oil and gas industry and many others rely upon their hydraulic quick couplers to keep their equipment operating at optimum performance. Hydraulic quick release fittings prevent unplanned equipment downtime, environmental contamination and improve overall business operations.

Leak free hydraulic quick disconnect is mandatory in agricultural and mobile equipment operations, to prevent environmental contamination. Many of these applications expose hydraulic systems to rigorous conditions such as heavy duty construction equipment which puts constant vibration on quick couplers when maneuvering around an unlevel construction site. Skid steer equipment such as Bobcats, John Deere tractors and other utility vehicles are exposed to harsh weather elements such as dirt, snow, ice and extreme temperatures.

Choosing the right hydraulic quick release coupling is key to meeting the demands of rigorous applications while improving business operations. Be sure to consult with an expert on hydraulic quick release fittings to choose the right quick couplers that will withstand internal demands and harsh external conditions.

Stucchi Offers a Wide Selection of Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings

Stucchi offers a wide selection of hydraulic quick release couplings proven in demanding and rigorous applications. We offer quick couplers in various materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and brass with finish options including nickel plating, QPQ plating, and zinc surface finishes. Our hydraulic quick disconnect solutions include couplers with high flow ratings and quick couplers for high pressure applications.

No matter your application, our experienced engineers provide expert process analysis to provide the optimum quick coupling solution for your process. We have helped improve quick connect processes which translate into significant overall business operational improvements. Your hydraulic quick release couplings should provide safety, efficiency and improved equipment uptime for improved productivity and profitability.

Check out some of our case studies to see first hand why operational managers that know the importance of quick disconnect processes call upon Stucchi for reliable, durable, leak-free hydraulic solutions. Our multi-coupling plates provide simultaneous coupling and uncoupling of multiple lines with one simple movement, significantly improving efficiency while eliminating cross contamination.

Our vast product line includes:

  • Flat face couplers including quick couplers with ISO 16028 interchangeability
  • Threaded flat face couplers proven in rigorous applications
  • Multi-coupling plates which drastically improve efficiency and safety where multiple lines are used
  • High pressure hydraulic quick release couplings which protect workers and the environment with couplers designed to release pressure within the coupler
  • Poppet interchange quick couplers in a variety of materials and finishes to meet your needs
  • Specialty couplers to meet challenging or unique specifications
  • Replacement couplers, accessories, dust caps, check valves and many other hydraulic solutions

Stucchi offers hydraulic quick release fittings for any application, with a wide selection of style, material, finish, flow and pressure ratings to meet your needs. We provide custom hydraulic solutions for challenging configurations, with easy image upload available from our technical help desk.

VEP Threaded Flat Face Quick Coupling

Stucchi’s VEP threaded flat face hydraulic quick coupling prevents brinelling with protection against premature wear and tear, providing long lasting performance in applications exposed to trapped or residual pressure in a line. The VEP features a yellow O-ring which gives user friendly visual ID and provides up to 35-60 MPa/5075-8700 psi working pressure.

The VEP threaded flat face coupler product line includes a heavy duty version with the VEPHD, constructed of a higher grade of steel with QPQ plating for added durability. The VEPHDL provides all the benefits of the VEPHD with a locking mechanism for failsafe hydraulic connection solutions you can count on. Our threaded flat face coupler series is available in varying sizes and all port options, including NPT, SAE, BSP and ORFS.

FIRG Series Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling

The FIRG series is the original ISO 16028 interchangeable hydraulic quick release coupling and continues to provide long-lasting, excellent performance with competitive pricing. The first series provides a reliable quick connect and hydraulic quick disconnect with integrated sealing mechanisms that reduce wear and tear. The FIRG is ideal in applications where pressure and weight of hoses contributes to premature wear and tear caused by movement between the coupler and nipple parts.

The FIRG resists premature wear and brinelling and is available in sizes ranging from ¼” to 2” with a working pressure of 20 to 30 MPa/2900-4350 psi and port options of NPT and BSP. This FIRG is a popular choice in our flat face coupler series featuring a no spill design which avoids fluid loss during quick connect and quick disconnect processes. This hydraulic quick release coupling series is found in applications worldwide anywhere fluid loss and hydraulic circuit contamination must be eliminated.

Stucchi offers quick coupler solutions with quality materials, high-tech engineering and in-depth expertise of hydraulic quick connect processes. We provide process analysis with professional recommendations for the right quick couplers to provide optimum performance. Contact us to learn more about our hydraulic quick release coupling solutions.