High pressure hydraulic quick release couplings


High pressure hydraulic quick release couplings are required in high pressure hydraulic applications such as for the oil and gas industry, mobile construction and industrial equipment. High pressure hydraulic couplers must maintain leak-free fluid control in demanding environments such as in construction equipment, hydraulic wrenches, emergency cutting tools, industrial machinery and many other applications which present high-pressure and vibration. Quick connect and quick disconnect in applications with 10,000 psi working pressure require durable construction with a higher burst pressure than standard quick couplers.

Stucchi Offers High Pressure Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Stucchi offers high pressure hydraulic quick couplings for quick connect and quick release solutions in pressurized applications. We offer high pressure flat face couplers and high pressure thread to connect quick couplers for applications which require 10,000 psi working pressure. The A-HP and IVHP provide safety under pressure with simple yet effective hydraulic quick connect solutions.

Stucchi also offers a vast product line with the various threaded quick couplings and multi-coupling plates. Threaded quick couplers such as the VEP series are popular in applications where residual or trapped pressure exists. Our multi-coupling plates are proven to significantly increase productivity by connecting or disconnecting multiple lines at once.

A- HP High Pressure Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling

The A-HP high-pressure hydraulic quick release coupling features a flat face design with a patented locking sleeve that automatically rotates when connected. The auto locking system prevents unwanted disconnection and provides leak-free quick connect and quick release solutions in pressurized applications. The quick coupling sleeve must be aligned in between the locking pin and the release notch or disconnection.

The A-HP is available in sizes ranging from 1/8” to 3/8” and port options BSP and NPT. The flat face, locking design and durable carbon steel material provide reliable quick connect solutions in applications with a working pressure of 700 – 720 bar up to 10,000 psi. The flat face design limits fluid leakage and contamination of hydraulic circuits in high pressure applications such as emergency cutting tools, mobile construction and industrial machinery and equipment.

IVHP High Pressure Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling

The IVHP high-pressure hydraulic quick release coupling features a thread to connect design reliable quick connect and quick release solutions. The IVHP provides a higher burst pressure than comparable couplers and is interchangeable with Enerpac/Hydraulic Jack, Parker 3000. This durable high pressure quick coupling is fabricated with nitrile seals and hardened carbon steel for exceptional durability in pressurized applications.

The IVHP high pressure quick coupler is available in sizes 1/4” and 3/8” with port option NPT and features a poppet style valve. This threaded quick coupler is found in many applications with a working pressure of 700 bar / 10,000 psi such as in emergency cutting tools and construction equipment such as hydraulic wrenches and various tools.

Custom Designed Hydraulic Solutions

Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of hydraulic quick coupler solutions with a vast product line as well as custom designed quick couplers. Our engineers possess decades of experience and in-depth expertise in maintaining leak free fluid control in any hydraulic application. It’s easy to contact our technical team and submit a drawing with your specifications for personal and custom designed solutions.

We excel at thinking outside the box and providing hydraulic quick couplers which meet your specific and challenging demands. Our numerous case studies offer a quick peek into how we help our customers to improve productivity, efficiency and safety in numerous hydraulic applications. Preventing hydraulic leaks and unplanned machinery downtime is critical to meeting productivity requirements. Our hydraulic solutions improve not only hydraulic applications but your overall business operations and performance.

Stucchi offers a vast product line with:

  • Flat face quick couplers
  • Threaded quick couplers
  • Poppet style couplers
  • Threaded poppet style couplers
  • High pressure quick couplings
  • Multi-coupler plates
  • Quick coupler dust caps and accessories
  • Check valves and hydraulic adapters
  • Custom designed quick release solutions

Stucchi offers process analysis and custom designed quick release solutions which improve specific work task and overall business operations. Stucchi has 60 years in business designing, engineering and fabricating reliable hydraulic quick couplers for a multitude of applications. Contact us to learn more about our product line, our custom analysis and how to maintain leak free hydraulic fluid control with high pressure hydraulic quick release couplings.