hydraulic quick connect under pressureMany industrial processes require safe solutions for hydraulic quick connect under pressure as even the slightest of leaks creates environmental hazards and threatens the safety of workers. Quick connect and disconnect processes in pressurized applications or where residual pressure exists in a line pose particular challenges to companies. Many commercial and industrial applications where special care must be taken in pressurized quick connect processes include:

  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Hydraulic wrenches and tools
  • Construction equipment
  • Mobile equipment applications
  • Industrial processes

Selecting the right coupling is critical in providing safety during these hydraulic quick connect under pressure applications. Leak free connections prevent environmental contamination, ensure worker safety and help companies meet production goals in high pressure hydraulic applications at or above 10,000 psi. Consulting with an experienced hydraulic quick connect specialty company will ensure that your quick coupling is the best solution for your application.

Stucchi Offers Hydraulic Quick Connect Under Pressure Solutions

Stucchi is a leading hydraulic quick coupler specialist with over 60 years in business providing proven quick connect solutions. We provide custom hydraulic solutions from experienced engineers who lead the industry in problem solving quick connect processes. Our process analysis will reveal the best coupler for your application to meet environmental, safety and production requirements.

Selecting the right quick coupling will enhance your process with reliable connections. We have improved connection applications for many customers faced with challenging configurations. If you are experiencing leaking flat face couplers, perhaps a thread to connect flat face coupling will interface better with your application, or multi-coupling plates for maximum efficiency in multiple line operations. Stucchi offers many products in the threaded flat face couplings series as well as specialty manufactured high pressure couplings for safety in hydraulic processes under pressure.

Threaded Couplings Enhance Hydraulic Quick Connect Under Pressure Processes

Stucchi’s threaded coupling line offers solutions with hydraulic quick connect under pressure products proven to enhance process performance. Thread-to-connect couplings prevent premature wear and brinelling. Threaded coupling solutions include:

VEP – this is a popular choice for processes which experienced trapped pressure in a line and high pressure impulses such as in mobile equipment, oil and gas or industrial processes. The signature yellow O-ring provides ease of use and the patented internal valve prevents leaks during pressurized connect and disconnect processes.

The VEP is available in sizes ranging from ¼” to 2” with port options including NPT, SAE, BSP and ORFS. Connect and disconnect with residual pressure up to 25 MPA/3625 psi and 35-60 MPa/5075-8700 psi of working pressure. The VEP is interchangeable with the VEPHD and the VEPHDL.

VEPHD – the heavy duty style of the VEP, the VEPHD is constructed with upgraded material and larger mating areas, offering added durability in pressurized applications with a higher grade of steel and QPQ plating. The VEPHD is found worldwide in agricultural, mobile and oil and gas applications.

VEPHD features port options including NPT, SAE and flange ports in sizes ranging from ¾” to 1 ½”. Connect and disconnect with up to 25 MPa/3625 psi residual pressure and 40-55 MPa/5800-7975 psi working pressure. Interchangeable with the VEP and VEPHDL series, the HD offers longer life with QPQ hardening for added corrosion resistance and longevity.

VEPHDL – for completely failsafe quick coupling connections, the VEPHDL threaded coupling provides a locking version of the heavy duty VEP for reliable, leak-free connections. The HDL is found in demanding applications such as oil and gas exploration and mobile equipment applications.

Available in sized from 1” to 1 ½” and port options include NPT, SAE and Code 62 flange ports, the HDL offers quick connect residual pressure of 25 MPa/3625 and 40 to 50 MPa/5800-7975 psi working pressure. The HDL provides leak-free, failsafe connections with locking couplings including a visual indicator.

Hydraulic Quick Connect Under Pressure of 10,000 psi or More

Hydraulic quick connect under pressure of 10,000 psi or more couplings require added burst pressure with hardened steel for reliable connections. Stucchi delivers high-pressure quick connect solutions in threaded and flat face couplings for leak-free connections. Our hydraulic quick couplings for pressurized applications include:

AHP – this flat face high pressure couplings offers a patented safety system which automatically rotates and locks the coupling to eliminate accidental disconnection. The AHP can be found in pressurized applications such as oil and gas, mobile and industrial operations.

Sizes range from 1/8” to 3/8” with port options including NPT and BSP. A working pressure of 700 to 720 bar/10,000 psi with a flat face design provide versatility with reliability in high pressure connections.

IVHP – this threaded high pressure coupling features nitrile seals, hardened steel for higher rated burst pressure. The IVHP is used to maintain hydraulic quick connect under pressure in critical applications such as oil and gas exploration, industrial, construction and mobile equipment uses.

Available in sizes from ¼” to 3/8” with port option NPT, the IVHP is interchangeable with Enerpac, Hydraulic Jack and Parker 3000. Long life is achieved with a working pressure of 700 bar/10,000 psi.

To learn more about these high pressure quick coupling solutions, contact the quick connect specialists at Stucchi. We provide process analysis and custom development of the most reliable and durable quick connect solution for your application. We offer a wide selection of quick couplers including flat face couplers, threaded flat face, poppet interchange, threaded poppet interchange, high pressure couplings, multi-coupling plates, dust masks and replacement parts.

Stucchi offers hydraulic quick connect solutions which are proven to improve process safety and productivity across a broad range of industries and applications. You can have confidence in our nearly 60 years in business providing leak-free reliable connections. Contact us today to learn more about our connection solutions for hydraulic quick connect under pressure applications.