Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Couplings for Leak Free Connections

hydraulic quick disconnect couplingsContractors and operators of heavy duty construction equipment require reliable hydraulic quick disconnect couplings which provide leak free connections. Reliable quick connect and disconnect solutions prevent environmental contamination due to leaks, provide a safe working environment for employees and help to meet demanding production requirements. Heavy duty construction equipment requires heavy duty connection solutions to hold up to the wear and tear from operating in conditions such as rain, snow, dirt, dust, wind and extreme weather elements.

Stucchi Provides Process Analysis for Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Coupling Solutions

Stucchi is a leading global provider of leak free hydraulic quick disconnect couplings, valves and accessories, providing reliable hydraulic connections to a wide range of applications. Stucchi provides nearly 60 years of expertise in designing, engineering and fabricating heavy duty hydraulic quick couplers which meet rugged demanding applications with leak-free performance. We excel at problem solving and process analysis, determining the best quick coupling solution to enhance your application.

We were approached by a contractor experiencing leaks with their hydraulic couplings which was affecting operation quality, environmental contamination and productivity. After careful assessment of their process, we determined the root cause which was based in the type of quick coupler used in the process. Stucchi recommended the VEPHD threaded quick coupler which eliminated their leaks even under high residual pressure. Read more about this case study here.

Threaded Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Couplings

Stucchi offers a wide product line of flat face couplers, threaded flat face couplings, poppet interchange, multi-coupling plates, high-pressure couplings, valves, accessories and custom designed specialty couplers. Our threaded couplings include the following leak-free, reliable couplings:

VEP – this threaded quick coupling eliminates brinelling and premature wear and tear in applications subjected to high pressure, with residual or trapped pressure in a line. The yellow O-ring featured in the VEP provides user friendly quick identification with sizes available from ¼” to 2” and working pressure up to 35-60 MPa/5075-8700 psi.

VEPHD – the heavy duty style of the VEP contains the same yellow O-ring, larger mating areas and provides a higher grade of steel. The heavy duty version is ideal in applications with residual or trapped pressure and high -pressure impulses up to 40-55 MPa/5800-7975 psi.

VEPHDL – the heavy duty version with a locking feature delivers completely failsafe connections in the most demanding of applications. The female locking coupler is interchangeable with the VEPHD to provide leak-free quick connect solutions with versatility. This locking threaded coupler provides leak free connections at 40-50 MPa/5800-7975 psi.

VP – this thread to connect coupling provides quick connect and disconnect solutions under pressure with an auto locking sleeve. Available in sizes ranging from ¼” through 1 ½” and working pressure to 40-60 MPa/5800-8700 psi.

These threaded hydraulic quick disconnect couplings are ideal in demanding hydraulic applications, excavators, large construction equipment and many other critical applications. Stucchi delivers high quality quick coupling solutions, process analysis and technical support to ensure your total operational success. We offer in-depth expertise in designing, engineering and fabrication the most reliable and durable quick connect solutions for virtually any application.

Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Coupling Solutions

Stucchi offers thread to connect hydraulic quick disconnect coupling solutions which provide leak-free connections to critical applications. Threaded couplings provided added durability in pressurized processes or where residual pressure may exist or be trapped in a line. The threaded design eliminates premature wearing and brinelling.

We provide process analysis with proven quick connect solutions which meet the demands of rigorous and critical applications. Stucchi partners with you to determine the most reliable and durable quick connect solution for your process. Our skilled engineers excel at forward-thinking problem solving, offering custom designed connection solutions which meet your specific connection requirements.
You can rely upon the expertise of our staff and decades of experience in delivering leak-free quick coupling solutions you can rely on. We deliver reliable connection solutions which improve productivity and safety, while eliminating contamination due to leaks.

Stucchi is a leading global supplier of hydraulic quick coupling solutions which prevent leaks, eliminate downtime and improve safety. We offer a wide selection of quick coupler solutions including multi-coupling plates for improved efficiency and safety. Contact us today to learn more about our quick connect solutions including durable and reliable hydraulic quick disconnect couplings.