Hydraulic Thumb for Excavator Plumbing Solutions


The hydraulic thumb for excavator and mini-ex equipment is a valuable attachment for operators, giving versatility to easily pick up bulky materials such as big rocks, debris, trees, and logs.

The Hydraulic Thumb Simplifies Lifting and Moving Tasks

John Deere 35 D thumb kitUsing a thumb attachment on a mini-ex or full-size excavator simplifies a variety of tasks such as picking up and moving materials and placing items with accuracy. Material handling and excavating tasks are more efficient with an excavator thumb. Hydraulic thumbs increase flexibility with a wide range of motion and provide load control with easy opening and closing.

The hydraulic thumb is a sought-after attachment that helps a multitude of industrial processes to be more productive, efficient, and safe. There are specific considerations when choosing and installing a hydraulic thumb.

Considerations When Selecting and Mounting Hydraulic Thuhydraulic thumb for excavatormbs

There are many considerations when choosing the right hydraulic thumb for excavator applications and when mounting with the most reliable auxiliary hydraulics. Mounting styles affect performance. A hydraulic pin-on thumb, for example, maintains the relationship with the rotation of the bucket and is designed to match the radius of the bucket tip and width.

Some considerations when selecting the right hydraulic thumb include:

  • Tips between the bucket teeth – are they replaceable?
  • Intersecting tips help to pick up fine materials
  • Thumb profile and teeth spacing should suit the application
  • Bushings should also be replaceable
  • Hardened alloy pins
  • Consider the thickness and types of steel used in the thumb manufacture. Should be AR400 or QT100 for abrasion and wear resistance
  • Cylinder geometry should provide strong leverage with a good range of motion
  • Ability to flip the cylinder to change port positions
  • Cylinder pressure ratings and bore stroke
  • Mechanical lock improves safety when parking for extended periods
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
    • Consider the rotation of the thumb in relation to other hoses – is there is risk of breaking other hydraulic lines?
  • Running other attachments
    • Are you going to be switching the thumb and bucket with other attachments?

Risks of Operating a Hydraulic Thumb

Excavator Thumb Valve KitIt can be challenging when mounting and plumbing a hydraulic thumb for excavators and mini-excavators. The rotation and flexibility are great for achieving high efficiency and meeting production requirements. Oftentimes, the flexibility and range of motion that a thumb provides can pose a risk if it comes into contact with other hydraulic hoses. There is the potential to break off the auxiliary hydraulic hoses, which creates safety and environmental issues and impacts productivity.

There is a better solution than the conventional straight-line hose connections, which work great for almost any other excavator attachment.

Auxiliary Plumbing Solutions for Hydraulic Thumbs

IMG 6275 Diverter ValveStucchi offers solutions to operate hydraulic thumbs for maximum effectiveness to provide the most efficient operation that supports the entire process.

Stucchi offers hydraulic thumb plumbing solutions with durable auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers and a 45° adapter that protects all hydraulic hoses.  Stucchi’s solution protects other hydraulic hoses and prevents snapped lines and oil spillage, which can cause environmental contamination, safety risks, and machine downtime.

Our hydraulic thumb plumbing solutions prevent these catastrophic outcomes and facilitate efficient equipment operation. We offer brand-specific solutions to meet the needs of the equipment you’re operating, with auxiliary diverter kits including John Deere, CASE Excavators and Mini-Excavators, and other equipment brands.

Stucchi offers auxiliary hydraulic kits for excavators, mini-excavators, CTL, and skid steer equipment with a variety of brand-specific solutions.


Diverter Valve for Excavators

IMG 7037 Diverter ValveStucchi’s diverter valve solution for excavators allows for maximum equipment operation when using a thumb and bucket and needing to switch between attachments. Our diverter valve solution for excavators simplifies operations and provides many additional benefits:

  • Increased productivity – Without worrying about disconnecting the thumb and connecting other attachments, operators will experience increased machine uptime and productivity.
  • Increased machine life – Eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect lines eliminates the possibility of fluid contamination for increased machine operational life.
  • Reduced environmental contamination – no oil spillage eliminates the risk of fluid contamination.

Watch this qiuck video to learn more:

Stucchi’s Diverter Valve Solution for Excavators

Operators can easily switch between using the hydraulic thumb or another attachment. The diverter valve kit for excavators comes with a mounting bracket and simple installation.

Stucchi Partners with Equipment Dealers

Stucchi partners with demolition contractors and equipment dealers to provide our plumbing solution with 45° adapter. By recommending Stucchi’s 45° adapter with our heavy-duty, threaded hydraulic quick couplers you can ensure a safe and efficient application.

Stucchi partners with an equipment dealer who automatically incorporates the 45° adapter with our heavy-duty couplers, the VEPHDL, to provide added value to their customers.  Stucchi offers innovative quick coupler solutions and a wide selection of hydraulic adapters and fittings that improve productivity and safety while preventing downtime and contamination.

Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of hydraulic solutions. We offer a wide selection of hydraulic quick couplers as well as provide custom designed product solutions. Contact Stucchi with any questions on excavator auxiliary hydraulics and the best way to plumb your hydraulic thumb for excavators.