How to Improve Excavator Demolition Attachment Performance

excavator demolition attachments

Demolition contractors use heavy duty equipment, specifically excavators and excavator demolition attachments, to dissect and demolish structures. Choosing the right excavator attachments for the task at hand is critically important to maximize efficient, productive demolition work. Maintaining your auxiliary hydraulic circuit on excavators is also vitally important to maintain optimal hydraulic fluid power and achieve maximum cost-saving benefits.

Stucchi offers solutions to demolition contractors with heavy-duty, durable and reliable hydraulic quick couplers that hold up to demanding demolition applications. Auxiliary hydraulics quick couplers ensure that the hydraulic circuit is tightly sealed with no leaks when subjected to high mechanical stress such as thrusting, twisting, and hammering. Stucchi leads the industry with our heavy duty, threaded flat face quick coupler, the VEPHDL, proven in the most demanding applications.

Failure of auxiliary hydraulic couplers causes downtime and lost productivity which negatively impacts profitability. In addition to lost productivity time, environmental contamination requires cleanup which is time-consuming and costly. Additionally, damage to equipment and hydraulic lines takes time and money to repair.

Choosing Excavator Demolition Attachments

It is important for demolition contractors to choose the appropriate excavator demolition attachments. The application is the most important factor in choosing the right attachment for the job. Contractors should examine the type of material that must be broken up such as wood structures, brick, concrete or rebar-enforced concrete.

Excavator Hammer

Primary attachments for structure demolitions include excavator hammers, which are also called breakers and are useful for many demolition tasks. Hammers or breakers are essential to demolition contractors to break up rock, pavement, or concrete.

Excavator Grapple

An excavator grapple is a primary attachment used often in demolition processes that can perform many tasks. Demolition tasks benefit from using an excavator grapple for tasks such as pulling down cables and pipes, mechanical equipment, and even pushing through walls.

Hydraulic Thumb

The hydraulic thumb is another important excavator attachment for demolition tasks. The thumb can be used on excavators and backhoes and also in combination with an excavator bucket to grab and sort materials torn down for easier removal. Stucchi offers a unique hydraulic plumbing solution when using the hydraulic thumb, with a documented case study to highlight the benefits of the Stucchi hydraulic solution.

Benefits of Maintaining and Improving Auxiliary Hydraulics

Maintaining your auxiliary hydraulic system on excavators is critical to achieving maximum productivity and profitability. Demolition contractors often operate with a tight timeline, having limited time to demolish structures especially in busy urban areas. Maintaining excavator auxiliary hydraulics is key to realizing many benefits which improve key performance indicators. Download our free white paper on How Demolition Contractors Can Improve Profit with our auxiliary hydraulic solution.

Benefits realized with high-quality hydraulic quick couplers and maintaining a top-notch, leak-free auxiliary hydraulic system include:

  • Versatility
    Using the right auxiliary quick couplers with your excavator demolition attachments supports versatility for efficient attachment changeovers. Stucchi’s hydraulic specialists worked directly with you and your equipment supplier to ensure complete interchangeability with your equipment and all attachments.
  • Increased Efficiency
    By maintaining your auxiliary hydraulic circuit and utilizing heavy duty quick couplers, excavator operators save time when swapping attachments.
  • Improved Safety
    Reliable auxiliary couplers facilitate efficient changeovers which improve safety as the less time excavator operators are outside of the cab the less exposed they are to heavy equipment.
  • Prevent Contamination
    Flat face auxiliary quick couplers prevent hydraulic fluid leaks and environmental contamination, which is time-consuming and costly to clean up. Stucchi’s threaded, flat face quick couplers set the standard for ISO 16028 and lead the industry with leak-free quick release solutions. Our flat face quick coupler design prevents environmental contamination while improving operator safety.

Stucchi Offers Auxiliary Hydraulic Solutions for Excavators

Stucchi is recognized worldwide for providing hydraulic solutions to a multitude of industries and applications for more than 60 years. We offer a wide selection of hydraulic quick couplers and knowledgeable support from experienced hydraulic specialists. We help to improve productivity and profitability in demolition applications with heavy-duty, durable threaded quick couplings.

The Stucchi solution provides:

  • Increased productivity with no unscheduled downtime
  • Increased safety with efficient changeovers
  • No environmental contamination or costly clean up

Stucchi is a leading, global supplier of high-quality hydraulic quick couplers and custom designed hydraulic solutions. We support the demolition industry with heavy-duty hydraulic couplings proven in the most demanding applications. Contact us to learn more on how to improve your excavator demolition attachment performance.