Hydraulic Shears: How to Maintain High Power

Hydraulic Shears for Excavators are a Versatile, Powerful Tool

Hydraulic shears used in demolition are one of the most powerful, versatile tools in the excavator attachment arsenal. Steel hydraulic jaws are used to dismantle a steel structure during demolition, easily cutting through steel plates, girders and rebar.
Hydraulic steel shears are also very helpful to selectively pick materials for sustainable materials management and recycling efforts.

Types of Hydraulic Shears

hydraulic shear

There are different types of hydraulic shears used in different applications such as for crushing, cutting or pulverizing. Demolition contractors often use a multi-processor with a combination set of jaws to either rip through steel, hammer or blast through concrete.

Crushing Shear Jaws

Crushing shear jaws can be used in addition to or in place of a hydraulic hammer in some cases. Crushing jaws can bust up concrete and break up foundations where vibrations or loud hammering cannot be tolerated on specific job sites. Combination jaws with cutters are popular in demolition where different materials must be cut, crushed or pulverized.

Cutting Shear Jaws

Hydraulic shears for excavators easily cut through metal beams, steel cables, rebar and steel pipes. They can also reach into confined spaces due to a narrow profile which is helpful to separate steel from concrete for sustainable materials management efforts.

Pulverizing Shear Jaws

Some demolition jobs require pulverizing hydraulic shear jaws to crush concrete which makes it easier to separate the steel rebar. Some demolition contractors use pulverizing shears for primary demolition. A multi-processor with combination jaws gives demo contractors added versatility with crusher shears that have a blade to cut through steel rebar at the same time.

Hydraulic Mini Shears

Hydraulic Mini Shears are designed for use on mini excavators, skid loaders and smaller hydraulic machines. The mini-excavator shear may come with grapples to easily cut and lift heavy I-beams, concrete, pipes and more.

Applications for Various Hydraulic Shears

Multi-processors with various types of excavator shears are used in a wide range of applications to dismantle, destroy and remove various materials. Hydraulic shears may be used on different materials such as:

  • Metal and Steel, Pipes and Rebar
  • Sheet metal
  • Concrete
  • Railway tracks
  • Building materials
  • Wood products
  • Scrapyard products

Hydraulic demolition shears may include a crusher for use in the primary demolition phase. Hydraulic cutting shears are helpful during industrial demolition and for the recycling of scrap and ferrous materials. Rail cropper shears are designed specifically for the cutting and disposing of railroad tracks.

Demolition shears are proven in the demolishing of many structures, buildings and bridges. Shear jaws for excavators which rotate a full 360° deliver high efficiency especially when the auxiliary hydraulics are well maintained.

How to Maintain Excavator Auxiliary Hydraulics

Demolition Excavatory Hydraulics

Whether using cutting, crushing or pulverizing hydraulic shear jaws or a combination multi-processor, maintaining your auxiliary hydraulics is critical to achieve high performance. The auxiliary hydraulic system is the lifeblood of power to all excavator attachments and must be maintained with high quality auxiliary quick couplers. You put a lot of time and money into choosing the best excavator attachments for your job, make sure you support your valuable equipment with reliable and durable auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers.

Demolition contractors expect a lot from their equipment and need reliable performance without unexpected downtime. When hydraulic shears for excavators are thrusting, twisting and vibrating at high pressure, auxiliary quick couplers can be put to the test. Stucchi offers a solution which allows you to focus on the job without worrying about replacing auxiliary hydraulic quick connects.

The Stucchi Solution for Long Lasting Hydraulic Performance

Stucchi has been working with construction and demolition contractors for decades, partnering with dealers and contractors to design the best auxiliary hydraulic solution. Stucchi is recognized for high quality hydraulic quick connect products although differs from any other hydraulic coupler supplier by offering experienced, professional guidance in choosing the best quick coupling for your application. When using heavy duty attachments such as hydraulic shears for excavators and other hydraulic equipment, be sure your auxiliary system will support your demanding requirements.

Our hydraulic specialists often provide a better solution to contractors who may not be aware of the benefits available with specially designed auxiliary couplers. Stucchi is known for designing, engineering and introducing fist-to-market hydraulic couplers which outlast and outperform other standard quick couplers.

Our design of flat face couplers set the industry standard for ISO 16028, while our threaded flat face couplers provide the same leak-free benefit with added connection reliability in high pressure applications. Make sure you choose a heavy duty auxiliary quick coupler to maintain your heavy duty applications without interruptions and unscheduled downtime.

Heavy duty auxiliary quick couplers proven in heavy duty excavator applications include:

  • VEPHDL – this is the heavy duty version of our VEP threaded, flat face coupler. The VEPHDL provides added durability in heavy duty applications where high pressure, torsion or vibrations are present. Have confidence in the locking, failsafe connection in high impulse, high pressure demanding applications.
  • Multi-Coupling Plates – multi-coupling plates improve safety and efficiency when multiple lines connect your auxiliary power to excavator attachments. Perform easy quick release and quick connect of multiple lines at once, with one simple movement.

Saving time working outside around heavy duty machinery, excavators and attachments improves safety as well as efficiency. Quickly connect and release your auxiliary hydraulic circuit with Stucchi’s hydraulic solution to realize improved equipment performance, efficiency and safety. Our hydraulic specialists are here to answer all your questions and to help you find the best hydraulic quick couplers for your application. We suggest the best auxiliary hydraulic products based on your equipment and application needs.

Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of hydraulic solutions, with more than 60 years of experience. Our hydraulic specialists are committed to improving your process with reliable and durable quick couplings to support the most demanding applications. Contact us to learn more about our high quality quick couplers and for the best quick connect solution when using hydraulic shears.