Achieve Long Lasting Hydraulic Breaker Performance

Auxiliary hydraulics are the lifeblood of hydraulic breaker hammers for excavators

hydraulic breakerHydraulic breakers for excavators are a popular and important excavator attachment on demolition sites. Hydraulic breakers are also called hammers and use a high level of breaking force to quickly power through tough materials like thick concrete slab and rock. The hydraulic rock breaker applies force to a small piston, the constant pressure is redirected to a bigger area through a mechanical advantage that produces much higher force.

Hydraulic breaker hammers are available in many different types and sizes designed for specific applications, although all rock breakers are made of durable steel construction. Typically, the heavier the head of the breaker the more efficient it will be at breaking up heavier materials.

Manufacturers continue to offer innovative and durable rock breakers which deliver two to three times the blows per minute (BPM) with higher force than standard breakers. Hydraulic hammers today are efficient for large projects and generate less noise than standard breakers, based on fluid mechanics and a specialized auxiliary hydraulic circuit.

Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Uses

Excavator breakers are popular in many applications wherever a high level of breaking force is required. Applications which require a hydraulic breaker include:

  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Quarry applications
  • Sidewalk and curb construction

Hydraulic breaker hammers crush rock when moving in both forward and backward directions. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications wherever concrete slab and rock must be broken. Hydraulic breakers for excavators are a powerful percussion hammer which are simple to maintain, providing cost effective performance with minimal downtime.

In order to achieve maximum performance from hydraulic hammers, the auxiliary hydraulic circuit must be maintained as with any hydraulic excavator attachment.

The Importance of Excavator Auxiliary Hydraulics

Hydraulic breakers are designed to deliver high force and high power with minimal downtime. The excavator breaker is powered with an auxiliary hydraulic system which must be maintained with durable, auxiliary quick couplers designed to withstand the heavy duty force. Demolition crews rely on their breaker/hammer to perform and have no time to waste replacing quick couplers that fail from heavy hammering, torsion and pressure.

Stucchi understands how important it is to meet your deadlines and operate efficiently and profitably. Taking time to replace auxiliary quick couplers is not an option, which is why we offer a custom designed, heavy duty, auxiliary quick coupler engineered specifically for heavy duty applications.

The VEPHDL Series, a heavy duty threaded quick coupler, is proven in heavy duty applications such as demolition and excavation applications. Stucchi was contacted by a demolition contractor who needed heavy duty auxiliary hydraulics to last throughout days of heavy hammering, without fail. The VEPHDL provided the solution they needed with complete interchangeability with all rental equipment.

Learn more about this Demolition Case Study and realize the benefits available with reliable and durable auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers.

Stucchi is known for providing a constant flow of solutions, for more than 60 years. Our hydraulic specialists partner with you to ensure maximum performance with reliable hydraulic solutions. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about maintaining your auxiliary hydraulics for attachments like powerful hydraulic breakers for excavators.