Innovations in Quick Couplings to Withstand all Types of Stress

DSC 2939One of the most important factors when considering the design of quick couplings is their durability. Given the high mechanical stresses quick couplers are subjected to, it is essential to adequately assess their durability over time. Research and development, therefore, focuses on identifying the main causes of wear in quick couplings, understanding how to remedy these, and testing the results thus obtained.

By meticulously following this method, Stucchi has established itself at a global level, providing product lines suitable for all needs and applications with the guarantee of enduring quality.

Corrosion, Contamination, and Mechanical Stress

A variety of factors lead to wear in a quick coupling. Corrosion, for example, may be caused both by the external environment and the hydraulic fluid in use. These factors require the use of special materials like high corrosion-resistant stainless steel and treatments like quench polish quench (QPQ) plating to quick couplings to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Another cause of wear and tear is contamination, which occurs when dirt or other external agents are mixed with the hydraulic fluid and damage the components of the hydraulic circuit. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt mechanisms that limit contact with the external environment, such as quick couplings with flat-faced sealing valves.

Mechanical stress is another aspect that critically affects the operation of a quick coupling. This is especially true in the earth-moving and Oil & Gas sectors, where the connection zones must withstand extremely intense forces. The force generated by such high operating pressures is compounded by the external forces caused by the movement of the pipes.

A quick coupling must guarantee the soundness of the coupling, as well as allow rapid decoupling of the circuit, despite these extreme conditions. Marrying these two requirements has produced different solutions.

Quick Connect and Quick Release in Extreme Conditions

Traditionally a metal ball locking system is used, although this solution is unsuitable for situations involving large physical stresses. In these conditions, the metal ball will guarantee the soundness of the coupling, although will also transmit these forces to the surfaces rather intensely due to the limited area of ​​contact between the components. This causes brinelling on the male coupling or small furrows left by the metal ball, which negatively impact the lifetime performance of the quick coupling.

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If a quick coupling must withstand intense mechanical stresses, the most suitable solution is a screw coupling mechanism. By distributing the forces over the entire thread of the screw, the contact surface between the male and the female parts is increased without increasing the size of the coupling. This threaded coupling solution preserves the integrity of the connection over time and prevents damage as the forces involved are distributed more effectively.

Stucchi has developed this quick coupling technology with screw closure that guarantees high performance levels, even in situations of intense mechanical stress. This quick coupler solution is ideal for the Earth moving and Oil & Gas sectors. Contact us to find out more about our vast product line including the threaded coupling solution.

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