excavator attachments

Excavators used in many construction and demolition applications have become a versatile, powerful machine with use of hydraulic excavator attachments. Choosing the best attachment for the job promotes efficient machine utilization which improves profitability for construction companies and their customers. Excavators are used in a wide range of heavy mechanical applications such as:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Demolition
  • Recycling
  • Deconstruction
  • Water, Oil and Gas

The use of hydraulic excavator attachments has brought innovative transformation to the mining and construction industries. Choosing the ideal tool for crushing concrete, cutting through rebar or scooping it all up to haul away makes a job much more productive, thus profitable. The use of attachments also allows for better recycling efforts as material is easier to sort and load with the right tool.

Contractors get the most from their excavator by utilizing the right hydraulic attachments. In addition to the versatility excavator attachments bring, conducting a quick and efficient changeover significantly improves your overall productivity. When quick connecting hydraulic attachments, you must ensure a reliable and leak-free hose connection. Make sure that your auxiliary hydraulic quick connect/release solution provides the productivity and efficiency your excavator and all attachments deserve.

The Excavator Breaker and Other Key Attachments

The attachments in your arsenal determine the versatility of your excavator. Construction, demolition and mining work tasks require an excavator with robust, powerful tools to complete tasks such as breaking, crushing, sorting, clearing and loading. Attachments have become an essential part of these robust mechanized tasks and are the key to profitable construction and demolition jobs.

The Hydraulic Excavator Breaker

The hydraulic hammer, or an excavator breaker, was the first hydraulically driven tool used as an excavator attachment patented over 50 years ago under the Krupp brand, acquired by Atlas Copco and now Epiroc, according to an International Construction article Hydraulic Breakers Turn 50. Since then, the use of excavator attachments have added a new dimension of capabilities to hydraulic excavators. One person with a carrier mounted excavator breaker was able to perform the same amount of work as many operators using pneumatic tools.

The excavator breaker is one of the most widely used excavator attachments in construction and demolition applications. This hydraulic hammer is available in many sizes ranging from a hydraulic jackhammer to a 10,000 kg breaker to outfit any type of carrier or excavator.

Excavator Grapple

The excavator grapple is the primary, universal tool used for sorting and loading various types of materials with a rigid body and two moving jaws. Hydraulic cylinders power the jaws used for dismantling many types of structures, loading, sorting and moving material from job sites. Grapples provide 360° rotation for precise positioning and handling.


Various types of jaws are available for different functions such as crushing, shearing and pulverizing. Crushing jaws bust through concrete and foundations, shear jaws easily dismantle steel structures and separate steel from concrete while pulverizing jaws crush concrete and can be used to separate other materials from concrete.

Hydraulic Thumb

The hydraulic thumb can be used on excavators or backhoes and used in conjunction with a bucket to grab materials. This allows operators to grab and sort demolition debris for removal and recycling.
Additional attachments include the hydraulic compactor, a hydraulic magnet or screener bucket and many others to provide a construction crew with the right tools for the job.

Maintain Auxiliary Hydraulics with Durable Quick Release Couplers

Your hydraulic circuit is the lifeblood of your excavator and attachments, maintain it with heavy duty auxiliary quick couplers designed for heavy duty performance. Reliable auxiliary quick connect/release couplers must withstand the type of stress caused by heavy hammering, twisting, crushing concrete and cutting steel.

Stucchi offers hydraulic specialists with experience in providing custom auxiliary hydraulic solutions for excavators and the many attachments they power. Our auxiliary hydraulic solutions ensure your excavator and attachments perform as expected with:

  • Reliable connections
  • Leak-free quick release
  • Rugged performance
  • Complete interchangeability

We ensure that your auxiliary circuit will provide the power you need for all your excavator attachments, with heavy duty, threaded, locking couplers and multi-coupling plates for quick and efficient changeovers.

Stucchi Offers Excavator Attachment Auxiliary Hydraulic Solutions

Stucchi offers the hydraulic solutions which allow you to maximize efficient changeovers of all excavator attachments. The VEPHDL Series is a heavy duty, locking, flat face coupler designed for failsafe connections in the most demanding applications. The VEPHDL gives reassurance where failsafe connections are critical, in high pressure, high impulse applications where vibrations and torsion are present.

Multi-coupling plates like the DP Series allow the quick connect and release of one to four lines with one simple movement, maximizing efficiency and safety on construction, mining, drilling and other types of heavy machinery. The GR Series of multi-coupling plates allows the quick connect/release of two to ten auxiliary hydraulic lines at once, in any application with or without residual pressure which requires leak-free connections.

When you need heavy duty, auxiliary hydraulic solutions to keep your heavy duty equipment at peak performance without downtime, contact the hydraulic specialists at Stucchi.

Stucchi has been a valuable supplier of hydraulic quick release solutions for 60 years. We provide technical assistance and support in solving any hydraulic issues including custom designed solutions to meet your requirements. Contact us with any questions and for the most reliable auxiliary hydraulic power for your heavy equipment and excavator attachments.