Excavator Thumb Kit: Hydraulic Plumbing Solutions

An excavator thumb kit provides hydraulic plumbing solutions for this versatile attachment used in a wide range of industries and applications. Stucchi offers excavator hydraulic kit solutions with heavy-duty, leak-free hydraulic couplers and a mounting bracket that keeps lines clear of any possible damage with a 45° mounting kit.

What Are Excavator Thumb Kits Used For?excavator thumb kit

An excavator hydraulic thumb is useful in many applications such as demolition, construction, landscaping, and other processes where the ability to pick up large, bulky or irregular items is necessary. Hydraulic thumbs make quick work of picking up things like trees, logs, debris, large rocks, construction materials, and other items that would not fit in a bucket with precision, accuracy, and speed.

Anywhere a tough job needs an extra grip, hydraulic thumbs are a worthwhile investment. Hydraulic thumbs are effective and efficient in landscaping processes such as precisely picking up and placing a boulder. They are also useful for spreading mulch on a job site. Not all jobs require a hydraulic thumb. Transporting fine material like sand or something that does not require an extra grip does not make sense installing a thumb on your excavator.

For applications where a thumb does make sense, however, having a conversation with experienced hydraulic specialists will help you to install the best type of excavator thumb kit for your machine.

Challenges When Using an Excavator Hydraulic Thumb

An excavator hydraulic thumb is a valuable attachment that performs many processes, although operators are often challenged with the best way to plumb the thumb for safety and efficiency. When plumbing attachments like hydraulic shears or a hammer, straight, conventional hydraulic lines are ideal. This type of connection can cause issues, however, when using a hydraulic thumb because the attachment can pivot and move and actually snap off hydraulic hoses.

Any time you have a hydraulic line that gets broken, safety issues arise.

  • Snapped hydraulic lines will expose operators to hydraulic fluid leaks at high pressure, which can cause serious injury.
  • Additional problems include unplanned equipment downtime and costly equipment repairs, which drastically cut into productivity and profitability.
  • Also, anytime hydraulic fluid spills on the ground, environmental cleanup is required, and contractors can incur costs for cleanup efforts or fines for environmental contamination.

There is a better solution to plumb hydraulic lines for excavators with Stucchi’s excavator hydraulic thumb kit.

Upgrade Stock Plumbing with Stucchi’s Excavator Thumb Kit

Stucchi offers solutions with an excavator hydraulic kit for plumbing hydraulic thumb attachments that keep all hydraulic hoses out of the way to prevent the possibility of damage or broken lines for a safer and cleaner operation. Our excavator thumb kit includes a 45° adapter combined with the VEPHDL series of heavy-duty, threaded flat-face quick couplers that hold up to demanding applications with leak-free performance.

Users of Stucchi’s excavator hydraulic thumb kit solutions have reported experiencing several benefits, such as a safer operation with threaded, locking quick couplers and a flat face design that does not leak on quick connect or disconnect. Some equipment dealers partner with Stucchi to plumb all their hydraulic thumbs with our specific hydraulic thumb kit for added customer value.

Learn more about Stucchi’s auxiliary hydraulic kits and the excavator thumb kit, and contact us with any questions about custom-designed hydraulic solutions.

Stucchi offers several auxiliary hydraulic kit solutions designed to improve the safety and efficiency of many excavator and mini-excavator applications. Our excavator hydraulic kits prevent operator injury, environmental contamination, and costly repairs with broken hydraulic hoses and equipment damage. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about improving your application excavator thumb kit.