Mini Excavator Thumb Valve Kit Hydraulic Solutions

A mini excavator like the John Deere 35D or other compact machines can handle a variety of materials with a thumb attachment and an excavator thumb valve kit.

excavator thumb valve kitMini Excavator Thumb: Valuable, Versatile Attachment

Some operators feel that hydraulic thumbs are the greatest attachments, enabling easy handling of various materials such as lumber, demolition debris, stone, and other bulky items. Adding a hydraulic thumb to your compact excavator simplifies many tasks, such as moving bulky items, picking up, holding materials, and placing them with precision.

Operators perform excavating and material handling jobs better and quicker with hydraulic thumbs and an excavator thumb valve kit.

John Deere 35 D Thumb Kit

The John Deere 35 D is an excellent addition to any compact equipment fleet. This small stature excavator packs big features with higher torque, faster transport fees, and an independent swing arm that provides 360° rotation. Enjoy easy operation in close quarters with the zero trial swing, reducing damage to the equipment itself and nearby items. The John Deere 35 D cab provides a comfortable, ergonomic design for improved productivity throughout the workday. Adding a thumb attachment with a John Deere 35D thumb kit increases productivity even more, allowing operators to grab just about any material that would be too difficult with just a bucket.

There are more options now for operators with just one set of hydraulic lines to add a thumb attachment to their mini excavator. Some choose to install a second set of hydraulic lines, although this is more common on larger, full-size excavators. Using a diverter valve for the main line is an efficient way to optimize the handling capacity with a John Deere 35 D thumb kit.

Stucchi’s Diverter Excavator Thumb Valve Kit

Excavators use many different attachments, such as hydraulic breakers, and/or a digger bucket, and a hydraulic thumb that is oftentimes attached permanently. It can be very time-consuming for operators to switch between attachments like the breaker and the thumb by switching hydraulic lines. Operators need a quick and efficient way to switch between attachments.

Stucchi’s diverter valve for excavators allows users to select between attachments or the thumb with all required adapters, and quick disconnects are included to plumb the machine to the valve and to plumb the thumb. There are many ways to mount the diverter valve, which allows users to select between using the thumb or the attachment. The most common method is to mount the included bracket to the machine and paint it to match the machine’s color. Stucchi’s diverter valve comes with all necessary adapters and flat face, leak-free quick couplers.

Oftentimes the diverter valve is mounted to either side of the arm, or you can drill and tap to mount it directly to the excavator’s arm. Once installed, Stucchi’s diverter excavator thumb valve kit makes it easy to select the circuit operators’ need by actuating the valve.

Benefits of Stucchi’s Excavator Diverter Valve Kit

There are many benefits of using Stucchi’s diverter valve kit on any compact excavator, including the John Deere 35 D. Some of the most important benefits operators realize with Stucchi’s excavator thumb valve kit include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Less machine downtime
  • Increased machine life
  • Less contamination
  • Reduced environmental impact

Operators experienced increased productivity with less machine downtime by easily switching between attachments without the need to disconnect and reconnect multiple quick couplers and hydraulic lines. This provides more equipment operating time with less machine downtime for increased productivity.

Increased machine life is achieved as the diverter valve kit prevents contamination and air inclusion as operators make a clean switch between attachments without disconnecting lines. Due to the clean operation without opening lines, environmental impact is reduced by eliminating fluid spillage.

Watch this video on How to Use the Stucchi Hydraulic Diverter Valve Solution for Excavators to learn more.

Stucchi has been providing hydraulic solutions to many industries and applications for over 60 years. Our hydraulic specialists are experienced in many market applications and excel at providing customized solutions to meet your specific hydraulic requirements. Contact us to learn more about the most efficient and effective method to plumb your hydraulic thumb with the Stucchi excavator thumb valve kit.