John Deere hydraulic coupler

Reliable John Deere hydraulic coupler solutions are mandatory to keep your equipment operating in top condition with leak free performance. John Deere is a recognized brand name of heavy equipment, machinery, engines and drivetrains used in agricultural, lawn care and forestry applications. John Deere tractors and skid steer equipment such as Bobcat, Kubota and CAT all require rugged and durable hydraulic connections that withstand harsh environments.

Tractors and forestry equipment are used to move mountains of dirt, trees, landfill, snow or ice and are subjected to rugged terrain and extreme temperatures. John Deere tractors and other skid steer equipment must maintain leak free performance during high heat and humidity or freezing temperatures, snow, ice and salt. Operators of agricultural equipment must outsmart Mother Nature with corrosion resistant, heavy duty hydraulic couplers while respecting the land to protect the environment against contamination of hydraulic fluid.

Leak free John Deere hydraulic hose fittings protect the environment and employees while promoting efficient operations with no unplanned downtime. Quick couplers are often an afterthought resulting from hydraulic connection failure yet are the least expensive components on expensive machinery and equipment. Don’t let a connection failure bench your equipment, be ready with John Deere hydraulic quick couplers proven to deliver hydraulic solutions to tractors, forestry and agricultural equipment.

Is Your John Deere Hydraulic Coupler Leaking?

John Deere hydraulic couplers are used in many variations of their agricultural equipment. Due to the rugged demands placed upon this type of machinery and equipment, quick couplers can often fail and begin to leak when dirt, debris, wood chips or other foreign material contaminate the hydraulic quick couplers. Hydraulic fittings with O-rings help to prevent leaks although care must be taken to prevent damaging the O-ring which could allow hydraulic fluid leaks.

Proper preventive maintenance such as wiping the coupler tips clean prior to quick connect will help to prevent damage to the O-ring. Replace leaking couplers immediately with John Deere hydraulic couplers proven to improve safety and efficiency. Store extra hydraulic fittings for your skid steer equipment as part of your maintenance plan and be sure to choose the quick coupler that is right for your equipment.

Stucchi Offers Hydraulic Coupler Solutions

Stucchi offers proven quick coupler solutions with leak-free John Deere hydraulic couplers designed to withstand harsh elements without premature wear and tear. Choosing the right hydraulic fitting for your agricultural equipment is paramount to achieving maximum performance, efficiency and safety. Speak to a hydraulic connection specialist to be sure you choose the right quick coupler for the job.

The optimum quick coupler solution will do more than prevent leaks to protect workers and the environment. Maximizing efficient quick connect and quick disconnect processes can provide significant business operational improvements. Stucchi offers process analysis to assist in selecting the perfect hydraulic solution with custom designed solutions available from experienced engineers.

We provide the following hydraulic quick couplers for tractors and skid steer equipment, offering versatile and proven, leak free performance.

A Premier Series – this series provides ISO 16028 interchangeability with superior flow characteristics. Proven to provide lower pressure drop and higher pressure ratings than comparable couplings, the A Premier prevents spills and fluid loss during quick connect and quick release processes.

A-HDflat face couplers are known for providing leak free hydraulic connections during quick connect and release. The A-HD provides easy quick connect by hand with an internal valving system designed to prevent leaks in processes with residual pressure or where pressure develops from trapped fluid.

APM – connect by hand without fluid leaks with the APM, designed to release pressure within itself. The APM series provides ISO 16028 interchangeability and is available in 3/8” to 1 ½”.

Saturn Block – The Saturn Block offers a direct field replacement for many pressurized quick connect systems, available in sizes from ½” to ¾” in a user friendly relief system.

VEP Series – The VEP series offers a threaded flat face design which is ideal in applications of high pressure or where pressure exists in a line. The VEP series is available in a heavy duty version, the VEPHD, and a heavy duty locking model, the VEPHDL for failsafe hydraulic connections.

These hydraulic quick couplers are proven in many skid steer, tractor and other agricultural equipment applications. Stucchi provides the hydraulic solutions that keep your equipment on the road, eliminate environmental contamination and unplanned shutdowns. Our knowledgeable technical team will guide you to the right hydraulic quick coupler for your application.

Stucchi offers nearly 60 years of delivering hydraulic solutions which improve business operations. We provide process analysis, a wide selection of proven quick couplers and custom designed hydraulic connection solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our quick coupler solutions for agricultural equipment, including John Deere hydraulic couplers.