Leak Free Tractor Hydraulic Fittings

Agricultural workers and operators of large mobile and farm equipment rely upon their tractor hydraulic fittings to perform as expected. Agricultural equipment and tractors must maintain proper hydraulic fluid control with no leaks. Trtractor hydraulic fittingsactor hydraulic hoses and fittings must provide leak free performance for optimum equipment efficiency as well as preventing environmental contamination.

Hydraulic quick connects for tractors must meet the demands of this dual role to hold up to harsh environmental conditions while respecting the land at the same time. Reliable hydraulic fittings for tractors must be durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to dirt, debris, rough terrain and vibration while maintaining leak free hydraulic connections. Protecting your equipment and the environment at the same time requires reliable and durable hydraulic quick couplers proven in demanding agricultural applications.

Stucchi Offers Failsafe Tractor Hydraulic Fittings

Stucchi is synonymous with hydraulic solutions, offering failsafe tractor hydraulic fittings which outperform comparable products. Hydraulic quick couplers by Stucchi can be found worldwide in many critical and demanding applications and industries. We provide hydraulic quick coupler solutions to agricultural equipment, construction machinery and equipment, oil and gas excavation and many industrial applications.

Our vast product line includes flat face couplers, threaded flat face couplings, poppet style couplers, high-pressure quick couplings, multi-coupling plates and more. We provide skilled process analysis and assistance in selecting the right hydraulic quick coupler for your application. Our hydraulic quick couplers are proven in demanding environments to provide fluid control with failsafe, leak free quick connect and disconnect.

Hydraulic quick connect for tractors products include:

A Premier Series – this flat face, ISO 16028 interchange coupler provides higher pressure ratings with lower pressure drop and superior flow characteristics over comparable products. This flat face series is specifically designed for leak free performance and eliminates contamination of hydraulic circuits. The modular structure offers multiple port options including NPT, SAE, JIC, ORFS, and compatibility with German DIN and British BSP.

Sizes range from 1/8 inch through 1 ½ inch, with a working pressure of 3915-6090 psi/27-42 MPa. This flat face coupler is constructed of hardened steel, with 12 to 20 balls to reduce premature wear and tear and brinelling. The internal locking system prevents accidental disconnection for added reliability.

APM Series – this flat face coupler series provides state-of-the-art hydraulic solutions anywhere thermal expansion of trapped fluid causes increased pressure. The APM series and easy to connect by hand even with residual pressure, without leaking fluid into the environment. The APM is available in sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 1 ½ inch and is designed to release pressure only within itself.

This flat face ISO 16028 coupler is available in many port options including NPT, SAE, JIC, ORFS, and BSP and offers quick connect and disconnect up to 4350 psi residual pressure/30 MPa. You can find the APM series in many agricultural equipment applications, mobile equipment and anywhere high temperatures or exposure to the sun causes increased pressure from thermal expansion of trapped fluid.

VEP Series – this is a popular threaded flat face coupling with a thread to connect design that eliminates premature wear and tear and brinelling. The VEP offers hydraulic solutions in applications which are subjected to high pressure impulses or where residual pressure develops in a line. The flat face design provides leak free performance eliminating contamination of the circuit with a yellow O-ring indicator for easy visual identification.

Sizes are available ranging from a quarter inch to 2 inches with multiple port options of NPT, SAE, BSP, ORFS. The VEP provides a working pressure of 35-60 MPa/5075-8700 psi range with easy quick connect and quick disconnect up to 25 MPa/3625 psi residual pressure. The VEP is ideal in many applications such as construction equipment with pressurized tool attachments and large equipment such as drilling machines cranes and excavators.

The VEP is compatible with the VEPHD for the same hydraulic fluid control in a heavy duty version for added durability. The VEPHDL offers the same thread to connect, leak free performance with an internal locking system to prevent unwanted or accidental disconnection.

Stucchi offers these hydraulic quick coupler solutions with these and many other hydraulic quick connects for tractors. Check out our list of skid steer hydraulic couplers and contact our knowledgeable technical team for more information. We excel at problem solving and offering hydraulic solutions which improve your equipment performance and overall business operations.

Stucchi is known worldwide for providing reliable and durable hydraulic quick couplers that meet the demands of rigorous applications. We offer process analysis and custom designed quick coupler solutions from experienced hydraulic quick connect experts. Contact us to learn more about our vast product line including tractor hydraulic fittings.