Prevent Leaks with Hydraulic Couplers for Tractors

hydraulic couplers for tractorsThe agricultural industry is always searching for the best hydraulic couplers for tractors that will prevent leaks and hold up to heavy use.  Working the land poses unique challenges for farmers and people working the fields in agricultural operations. Tractors and agricultural equipment must perform in harsh environmental conditions with exposure to humidity, extreme temperatures and constant loose dirt, debris and earth flying up into the equipment.  While you must protect your equipment from this environment, you must also protect the environment from leaky equipment.

This dual role requires reliable, leak free connections with hydraulic quick couplers and multi-coupling plates which protect your equipment and the environment at the same time.  Reliable quick couplers for tractors keep your agricultural requirements on schedule while respecting the land you’re working on. Quick-change versatility improves equipment and environmental concerns, while also providing safety to workers who can rely on their connections to not fail in the field.  

Stucchi Delivers Leak-Free Hydraulic Couplers for Tractors

Stucchi is recognized for providing leak free connections to a multitude of industrial applications, including agricultural operations searching for high performance hydraulic couplers for tractors.  We offer a wide selection of reliable, durable and heavy duty flat face couplers, poppet interchange couplers, specialty or custom designed couplings and multi-coupling plates to provide leak free connection solutions for tractors, agricultural equipment and a multitude of industrial connections.  

Our quick couplers for agricultural connections include:

A Premier Seriesthis ISO 16028 interchange flat face coupler series offers superior flow characteristics with higher pressure ratings and lower pressure drop over comparable products and the FIRG series.  The A premier series is designed specifically for no-leak applications providing the ideal solutions for eliminating hydraulic circuit contamination. The A Premier series is available in international versions including port options compatible with British BSP and German DIN.  Features include a size range of 1/8” through 1 ½”, port options of NPT, SAE, JIC, ORFS and a working pressure of 27-42 MPa/3915-6090 psi. The locking system prevents unwanted disconnection and is constructed with hardened steel, 12 to 20 balls which reduce brinelling.

BIR Series ISO A Interchange – This poppet interchange BIR series is one of the most popular coupler designs used worldwide with the poppet style sealing valve.  This ISO 7241-A coupler features zinc plated steel coupler with a zinc plated hardened steel nipple and nitrile seals. The BIR series features sizes ranging from ¼” through 2” with port options including NPF, SAE, and BSP, interchangeable with ISO A couplers.  The working pressure of 13-35 MPa/1885-5075 psi range offers positive stop valving while preventing flow checking. The large diameter hardened steel sleeves resist deformation to provide long lasting performance, suitable for an open or closed center hydraulic system.

Specialty Custom Plate Couplers – Stucchi offers specialty couplers whether you are replacing legacy couplings or refurbishing your entire equipment line.  Our custom plate couplers are specifically designed to your specifications to prevent costly downtime from leaks and eliminate crossing of lines.  Custom plate couplers from Stucchi consistently perform in rigorous environments.

DP Series Multi-Coupling PlateMulti-coupling plates provide improved productivity and safety with the simultaneous coupling and uncoupling of two to four hydraulic or electrical lines with one simple, single movement which requires minimal force.  Circuit lines may have all the same nominal diameter and various media. This multi-coupling plate comes with a dust cap and options for low voltage requirements with an electrical connector and parking station.   Sizes range from 3/8” to 1”, with port options of NPT, SAE and BSP, and 25 MPa/300 bar/3625 psi residual pressure with a working pressure of 30-35 MPa/4350-5075 psi. The DP series of multi-coupling plates are simple to use with one connection motion and an auto-locking design which prevents accidental disconnection, supporting 1 to 4 lines of the same nominal coupling size.

Our multi-coupling plates are used worldwide in a wide range of construction and agricultural equipment including front-end loaders, harvesters, construction machinery and equipment, snow removal equipment, drilling machinery and refrigeration equipment.

Stucchi Provides Total Leak-Free Connection Solutions

Stucchi provides proven leak-free connection solutions with hydraulic couplers for tractors, John Deere hydraulic couplers, agricultural equipment, oil and gas and industrial machinery and equipment.  Our skilled and experienced engineers offer custom designed connection solutions to meet your specifications based on decades of experience.

Stucchi nearly 60 years of experience in designing, engineering and fabricating the most reliable quick couplers on the market. We provide hydraulic connection solutions with flat face couplers, threaded flat face couplers, poppet interchange, multi-coupling plates and specialty, custom designed couplings.  Contact us today to learn more about our high performance hydraulic couplers for tractors.