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Installing a 4 position multiplate connector should be possible for your tractor/front loader combo. To install, you would just need to consider mounting details for where the fixed half part will be mounted and determine which port you would need to connect your hoses to the coupler port. Our standard ports are female NPT and Female SAE (mates with MORB hose end).  Just give us a call or contact us with any questions.

Previous I would like to develop a quick connect for use in an automated process with 2 ports. One electrical connection + 1 water connection 100 psi. I would like to know if you would be ready to construct this quick connect. We will need 1380 units.
Next I’m looking for a high flow quick connect to drain crude oil. We need high flow to allow sediment to pass through without getting gummed up or stuck open with minimal spillage as they will be used outside in wind conditions.
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