Multi-Coupling Plates: Single Movement Improves Tool Changeover Times

A wide range of quick-release connectors are assembled on various tools and machinery to provide connection to hydraulics, pneumatics, water, or other types of fluid power. Hydraulic quick couplings and adapters provide power to diverse markets and applications such as automotive manufacturing, industrial equipment, mobile equipment, railway, oil and gas, and many others. Maintaining reliable and leak-free connections with quality quick-release couplings is key to many of these industries meeting productivity goals and safety standards.

Multi-coupling plates provide the single most significant improvement in reducing tooling changeover times, while providing many other benefits.

Custom Multi-Coupling Plate Parameters and Development

Multi-coupling plates provide benefits to many diverse applications, such as providing quick connection and release on hydraulic injection molding presses or die casting operations. Stucchi offers various multi-plate solutions for hydraulics, pneumatics, and other media custom designed to meet your specific application requirements and always aimed to improve your performance, equipment uptime, and safety. Our hydraulic specialists take the time to partner with our customers to consider all critical parameters, including:

  • Equipment and application
  • Environmental considerations
  • Non-spill or leak-free requirements
  • Type of fluid or media
  • Type of hose and valving system
  • Frequency of connection and disconnection
  • Method of connection
  • Electrical connection requirements


Stucchi designs and manufactures specific multi-coupling plate solutions based on your application and performance needs. Our multi-coupling plates are proven in many applications to significantly improve tool and die exchange time, helping automotive manufacturers to meet Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) goals with a reduction in changeover time as significant as six full minutes. This case study explains more benefits provided to this 2nd tier automotive supplier, which included additional capacity and business.

Watch this video to see How to Improve Die Changeover Time in Die Casting with Stucchi multi-coupling plates.

Benefits of Multi-Coupling Plates in Manufacturing

Hydraulics Improve SMED The benefits of connecting and disconnecting multiple lines at once are significant and drastically improve efficiency during machinery and equipment maintenance and tooling changeover times. Many automotive suppliers operate with just-in-time practices and must meet production demands quickly for immediate shipping with little time in inventory. The automotive industry demands suppliers with lean practices and a focus on continual improvement in all processes.

Reducing tooling changeover time significantly improves equipment uptime, overall capacity, and productivity, all leading to a more efficient and profitable operation. Stucchi’s multi-plates are proven to drastically improve injection molding processes as well as die casting operations with efficient tooling changeover times.

In addition to significant time saved, multi-plates improve safety by eliminating cross-connection of lines. Stucchi’s multi-plates combined with our leak-free, easy-to-connect under pressure, quick couplings improve operator safety while preventing leaks on the shop floor or to the environment.

Multi-coupling plates with Stucchi’s leak-free connectors provide many benefits, such as:

  • Significant time saved in tooling changeover
  • Improved equipment uptime with reduced maintenance
  • Increased safety with elimination of cross connection
  • Environmental protection with no spill connections

Stucchi Multi-Coupling Plates: Quick and Safe Changeover

Die Casting partsStucchi assists manufacturers of all sizes, including automotive OEMs and suppliers, to improve tooling changeover time with quality and efficient quick-connect products. We provide specific solutions that increase efficiencies, safety, and equipment performance. The GRE Series helps manufacturers with quick connect and disconnect of 4 to 18 lines in the same diameter with different media, including water, air, oil, and/or electrical lines.

Our multi-coupling plates and couplers are helping automotive manufacturers to meet injection molding and die casting requirements, with improved productivity and safety.


Stucchi has been providing hydraulic solutions for more than 60 years, with a wide range of quick couplings, adapters, and custom engineered quick connect solutions. We custom design your quick connect products to meet your unique specifications and solve current fluid transfer or quick release problems. Contact us to learn more about improving your productivity with quicker tooling changeover utilizing Stucchi’s multi-coupling plates.