Improving Hydraulic Quick Connect for Tractor-Trailers

Hydraulic fittings and quick couplers are used in many market segments where they must withstand intense stress and pressure without malfunctioning or leaking. Quick couplers that undergo hydraulic shock and heavy vibration may experience brinelling, damage to the locking groove which can cause equipment downtime and fluid leakage. This poses safety risks to workers and causes environmental contamination along with added cleanup costs.

semi trucks hydraulics

This is particularly true in the transportation sector when trailers are connected with hydraulic circuits and quick couplers. A faulty coupling on the line could cause a malfunction which could lead to an unmanageable vehicle and serious accidents on the highway. Hydraulic fittings, couplings and adapters must meet the requirements of the two main categories of the transportation haulage industry which includes Road Trailers and Self- Propelled Motor Trailers.

  • Road trailers: quick couplers provide the connection between the powerpack and the trailer when road trailers are coupled to street legal, motorized vehicles for use on motorways and urban roads.
  • Self- Propelled Motor Trailers (SPMT): quick couplers provide connection between several trailer units and long vehicles which are equipped with several sets of wheels and designed to handle bulky, heavy loads. Typically used on private areas such as factories or building sites.

Hydraulics Provide Critical Functions on a Tractor-Trailer

The suspension system and a tractor-trailer is controlled by a hydraulic system and hydraulic lines which control the suspension and also provide steering of the wheels. Quick couplings located on the trailer should be protected as much as possible from dirt and impact while paying attention to the radial loads the pipes generate. Hydraulics may also be used to control the drive and drainage lines.

Hydraulic fittings used in the transportation, tractor-trailer sector come into contact with medium to high conditions for wear and corrosion. This makes it critical to carefully choose all components on a tractor-trailer transportation system including heavy duty, leak-free, thread to connect hydraulic quick couplers.

Stucchi Offers Heavy Duty Quick Couplers That Improve Tractor-Trailer Hydraulics

Stucchi offers heavy duty hydraulic quick vephd seriescouplers for use in many demanding mobile applications such as construction, demolition, snow removal, forestry applications and more, including the transportation industry. Our heavy-duty threaded flat face coupler, the VEP HD series, provides a greater degree of safety and protects gr multi coupling platethe environment with leak free quick disconnect.

Stucchi provides hydraulic solutions that improve your overall process for improved safety, efficiency, and overall productivity. Our multi-coupling plates improve uptime by providing easy quick connect and disconnect of multiple lines at once, significantly improving trailer connection and disconnection procedure times and safety. With our multi-couple plates, there is no chance for human error or cross connection mistakes. Couplings connect and disconnect easily with one simple movement requiring minimal force. The GR series of Stucchi’s multi-coupling plates provides solutions to the transportation industry with improved efficiency, safety, and uptime.

Stucchi offers hydraulic solutions for many industries and segments with a wide range of quality hydraulic fittings, couplings, and adapters. We offer custom design solutions to meet your specific application requirements. Contact us with any questions on improving your hydraulic system for transportation tractor-trailers or any mobile equipment.