How to Video: Use the Stucchi Hydraulic Diverter Valve Solution for Excavators

Excavators can use a variety of attachments ranging from a digger bucket with a hydraulic thumb, that is oftentimes permanently attached, to other attachments like a hydraulic breaker. The excavator operator needs a quick and efficient way to switch between these attachments.

Stucchi Diverter Valve for Excavator Solution

This is where the Stucchi diverter valve for excavators provides a quick and efficient solution. Included in the diverter valve kit are all of the adapters needed to plumb from your machine to the diverter valve, as well as an adapter to plumb your thumb and a quick disconnect to connect those attachments.

The diverter valve allows the operator to select between using the thumb or using a hydraulic attachment without time-consuming disconnections and reconnections that wear out quick couplers and cause fluid leakage.

The video shows you detailed steps to mount the diverter valve on excavators and how to switch between attachments.


How to Use Stucchi Diverter Valve for Excavators VideoMount the diverter valve on the excavator with the included bracket

There are many different ways the diverter valve can be mounted on an excavator. The most common mounting methods are to:

  1. Weld the included bracket to the machine, then paint that bracket to match the machine’s color.
  2. Most of the time, a diverter valve is mounted on either side of the arm just based on how the excavator is plumbed.
  3. Another way to mount the diverter valve is to drill and tap into the excavator’s arm and mount it directly to it with the diverter valve with the included bolts.

mount Stucchi's excavator diverter valveInstall diverter valve of each side of excavator armmount diverter valve directly to excavator arm

Switch between attachments

Once installed, the diverter valve can be used by selecting which circuit the operator wants to use.

  1. To use a hydraulic thumb: simply actuate the valve so that the line comes in from the machine and points to the thumb adapter.
  2. To switch to an attachment:
    1. Connect the attachment to the machine
    2. Then attach the quick disconnects to the attachment
    3. Then turn both ball valves so that the line points from the machine to the quick disconnect port.


switch attachments with excavator diverter valve

Benefits of Stucchi’s Excavator Diverter Valve

There are many benefits to using the Stucchi Diverter Valve Kit, including:

  • Increased Productivity – You will find that your excavator operators will have increased productivity because they are able to switch between these attachments with less downtime.
  • Decreased environmental impact There is less environmental impact because instead of opening the lines to the environment and spilling oil, this allows for a clean solution to make that connection.
  • Increased machine life due to less contamination introduction and less air inclusion – You will experience improved machine life because there is less contamination introduced into your system as well as less air inclusion.

Learn more about Stucchi’s Hydraulic Thumb Plumbing Solutions and the many benefits of our diverter valve.

This is just one of the many Stucchi solutions we have for mobile construction. Stucchi offers auxiliary hydraulic kits for excavators, compact track loaders (CTLs), and various skid steer equipment.

Stucchi offers hydraulic quick-connect solutions for excavators used in many mobile construction applications, including heavy-duty construction and demolition applications. Contact your Stucchi representative for more information on the diverter valve solution for excavators.