How-to Video: Upgrade Your John Deere 333G Auxiliary Hydraulics

John Deere 333GStucchi offers hydraulic solutions to upgrade your high-flow skid steer auxiliary hydraulics to handle high-flow attachments, which is necessary to tackle demanding applications such as forestry and mulching.

We offer a video demonstration showing our Saturn Block HD, a direct field replacement with 1” threaded, flat face couplers that upgrades your skid steer couplers from OEM-installed standard-size couplers to larger and more durable high-flow couplers.

Upgrading to high-flow auxiliary hydraulic couplings provides many benefits that include reducing hazards from high temperatures and realizing significant gains in efficiency.

Problems with OEM Installed Standard CouplersJohn Deere 333G Mulching

OEM-installed standard couplers are typically ½” or ¾” in size, even on equipment designated as high-flow machinery.  This may suit many common attachments and applications, although can create a problem with more demanding processes.  When operators change to an attachment such as a mulching head, brush saw, or grapple, these attachments will demand higher hydraulic flow for increased power. The problem with OEM standard installed couplers is that they will not support high-flow attachments, and overheating is a common problem encountered by operators.Skid Steer on Fire from overheating hydraulics

Overheating when running high-flow attachments can cause your equipment to shut down, or in the worst cases, your skid steer or CTL can actually catch on fire. Upgrading your auxiliary hydraulic flow to high flow prevents overheating, mitigates the risk of fire, and increases equipment efficiency.

Watch Stucchi’s video on how to upgrade your skid steer auxiliary hydraulics to handle high-flow applications.



How to Upgrade Your John Deere 333G Auxiliary Hydraulics

Upsizing your couplers to 1vephd seriesVEP threaded couplings increases hydraulic flow and efficiency by decreasing pressure drop. This video will show you how to upgrade your John Deere 333G compact track loader with the Stucchi skid steer auxiliary hydraulic kit, which includes the Saturn Block HD. The Saturn Block HD includes:

  • Built-in relief valve to relieve pressure on the machine when making the connection
  • Upsized 1” couplers for better flow
  • Better locking mechanism for longer coupler life
  • A mounting bracket is included and bolts right to the skid steer arm with no modification needed

The following steps to install the Saturn Block HD bracket on a John Deere 333G are fairly simple and can be accomplished in about an hour.

First, remove the existing bracket and couplers:

  1. Start by removing the 6 bolts on the inside of the loader arm to loosen the tubes going to the hydraulic connections.
  2. Remove the 4 bolts on the back of the loader arm that is holding the tubes and hoses in that location.
  3. Remove the 4 bolts on the front of the loader arm to remove the existing bracket.
  4. If your loader includes electrical connectors that you plan to reuse, you can remove them from the old bracket also.
  5. Now you are ready to remove the existing couplers, which should be 3 connections to loosen at the tube.

Now you can install the Stucchi Saturn Block HD:Saturn Block HD Installed

You’ll want to simply install the Saturn Block HD in reverse order with the following steps:

  1. Install Saturn Block ports to the tubing
  2. Reinstall electrical connectors into the Saturn Block bracket
  3. Bolt Saturn Block bracket to the skid loader arm
  4. Reinstall bolts to the back of the loader arm
  5. Reinstall and tighten bolts on the inside of the loader arm
  6. Test and check for leakage

Benefits of Upsizing Auxiliary Couplers with Stucchi’s Saturn Block HD

By upgrading your skid loader auxiliary hydraulics with the Stucchi Saturn Block HD, you will realize many benefits, including:SaturnHDRev04

  • Decrease in running temperature
  • Increase in fuel efficiency
  • Increase in recovery time
  • Increase in mulching head performance
  • Increased product life
  • Less quick disconnect failures

Experience these benefits and learn more about Stucchi’s hydraulic solutions with quality, durable hydraulic quick coupling fittings and adapters, and multi-coupling plates.

Stucchi offers an auxiliary hydraulic kit for most of the major brands. Please contact our hydraulic specialists for the hydraulic solution for your equipment, attachments, and applications.