How to Outfit Your Tractor for Construction Use

tractor hydraulic quick couplersThere’s a lot of questions out there about how to outfit your tractor for construction use and considerations for your tractor hydraulic quick couplers. If considering using your tractor for more than agricultural tasks, such as for heavier duty construction purposes, you may need to beef up the infrastructure. Many people want to know if they upgrade their hydraulics from standard flow to high flow, do they need to also upgrade the quick couplers? The answer is yes.

Be sure your tractor’s hydraulic circuit can handle the increased pressure, such as the hydraulics that control the scraper pan. It takes more power to raise the blade with hydraulics to push forward the ejector, the back panel of the hopper, when hauling Earth material vs. pulling an ag implement.

Picture an agricultural tractor vs. a bulldozer moving concrete. This difference in weight and force requirements in hydraulic power increases stress on the circuit, including the hydraulic quick couplers.

Increased Stress When Upgrading from Standard to High Flow Hydraulics

Upgrading the hydraulic pump to convert to high flow hydraulics increases stress on the circuit including the hydraulic quick couplers. These beefed up hydraulics require the use of heavier duty tractor hydraulic quick couplers to withstand this additional stress or you run the risk of needing to replace your couplers every week.

Upgrading your quick couplers to a threaded, flat face coupler designed for increased pressure will maintain reliable hydraulic flow and hold up to the increased pressure.

Stucchi Solution for High Flow Tractor Hydraulics

Stucchi offers threaded, flat face quick couplers designed to withstand this type of pressure such as the VEP Series or the VP series of threaded, flat face couplers. The thread to connect design resists premature wear while the flat face features prevent fluid leaks upon quick release and quick connect.

VEP Series – popular in applications where trapped or residual pressure exists in a line or applications which are subjected to high pressure impulses. The VEP includes a patented internal valve which allows quick connect/disconnect under high residual pressure. The yellow O-ring indicator promotes a user friendly system with easy visuals to ensure a tight seal.

The VEP is ideal in construction applications with increased pressure requirements, providing a solution when experiencing issues connecting or releasing tool attachments under pressure. You can find the VEP in heavy construction equipment where junction points are needed in drilling machines, cranes, excavators and beefed up tractors. Save time when changing tools and stop wasting money on tractor quick coupler replacements with the durable VEP series.

VP Series – provides the ability to quick connect/disconnect under high residual pressure or where trapped or residual pressure exists in a line. The auto-locking sleeve provides failsafe connections with positive secondary retention.

The VP provides many benefits to construction equipment applications which require quick connect and disconnect of tool attachments under high pressure. You can find the VP in heavy construction equipment including drilling machines, cranes, tractors and excavators with auxiliary lines for attachments.

Custom Hydraulic Solutions from Stucchi

Stucchi has been delivering hydraulic solutions for over 60 years, offering custom designed hydraulic quick couplers and technical support. Our hydraulic specialists partner with you to learn your process, your equipment and hydraulic circuit needs.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions regarding your hydraulic circuit performance and how to ensure the most beneficial quick connect products and process.

Stucchi delivers a constant flow of solutions with first-to-market hydraulic quick couplers and custom designed hydraulic solutions to meet your specific needs. We partner with you to improve your hydraulic process which benefits your overall business operations. Contact us with any questions on upgrading your tractor from standard to high flow and solutions with heavier duty tractor hydraulic quick couplers.