Crawler Crane Hydraulics: Leak-Free Solutions

crane hydraulicsMobile cranes, also called hydraulic crawler cranes, are the main type of heavy equipment chosen for many construction applications. These mobile cranes require high-performance crane hydraulics to provide maximum lifting power and maneuverability to safely move heavy loads. Hydraulic quick couplings must provide reliable and durable connections to achieve maximum power and efficient operation.

In addition to maintaining integrity of the hydraulic circuit, quick couplings play an important role in the quick set-up and disassembly of mobile cranes. Crawler crane manufacturers continue to develop features such as self-decking uppers to support rapid setup upon arrival at the jobsite.

Quicker setup, operation and disassembly of cranes facilitate higher productivity and profitability for construction contractors. Leak-free quick release of crane hydraulics eliminates contamination and clean-up efforts, supporting efficient break-down and transportation.

Crawler Crane Hydraulic Connections

The crane carrier is basically a special truck chassis referred to as the crawler base, with a turntable and wheels in the form of tracks with crawler treads. This makes them ideal for rugged jobsites with a large, ground-bearing area footprint

The upper machinery deck consists of the hoisting mechanism, the boom which is either the conventional lattice boom or a telescopic boom, the hoist engine and boom mounting on the turntable deck. The upperworks is designed to be detached from the crawler base for transportation.

Thread-to-Connect Hydraulic Couplers for Cranes

To avoid hydraulic fluid leaks upon quick release and disassembly, many crane manufacturers recommend threaded, flat face quick couplers. The thread-to-connect design holds up in demanding environments including high pressure and vibration. The flat-face feature facilitates dripless quick release to prevent oil spillage, contamination and delays in exiting the jobsite.

Stucchi’s VEP in the threaded, flat-face quick coupling product line is proven in demanding crawler crane applications, providing solutions to crane operators and construction contractors. The VEP Series provides hydraulic solutions to crawler cranes from various manufacturers such as:

  • Grove
  • Leibhberr
  • Manitowak
  • Mantis
  • Sany
  • Tadano
  • Terex

Stucchi’s VEP series provides hydraulic solutions to these crane brand names and others, recommended for efficient operation and leak-free quick release. Hydraulic quick couplers from Stucchi provide solutions to smaller hydraulic cranes up to behemoths like the Liebherr LF 13000, recognized as one of the most powerful conventional crawler cranes in the world.

Demanding Applications for Crawler Cranes

Stucchi’s hydraulic solutions meet the demands of the world’s leading crane manufacturers and demanding applications which require extreme load capacity such as in the following industries:

  • Oil and gas, drilling, well-head drives
  • Building and industrial applications
  • Civil construction and bridge building
  • Petrochemical and power plants
  • Wind energy, windmill installation
  • Railroad applications including railway emergency

Crawler cranes are designed to travel through a jobsite relatively easily, assisting with these demanding construction applications and others. As is required of all heavy-duty construction equipment, a pre-inspection checklist must be conducted prior to use.

Stucchi Provides Crane Hydraulics Solutions

Stucchi has been providing hydraulic solutions to demanding industries for over 60 years, with a vast product line and custom hydraulic solutions. Our hydraulic specialists excel in developing customized solutions to meet your needs and address your biggest challenges. Our VEP, threaded, flat-face quick coupling series is proven to provide increased efficiency, high-performance and user friendly operation.
Durable and reliable hydraulic quick couplers facilitate:

  • Quicker machinery setup time
  • More efficient operation
  • Leak-free quick release
  • No unplanned downtime
  • No clean-up of environmental contamination

Hydraulic quick couplers from Stucchi provide these benefits and others, facilitating optimum machinery operation while preventing cavitation or damage due to air inclusion and circuit contamination. Stucchi is dedicated to solving your hydraulic connection problems.

Our flat-face quick coupler design set the ISO16028 standard for leak-free quick release. We are committed to research and development and introduction of first-to-market quick connect products. You can count on the VEP series to maintain strength in rugged environments and still prevent oil spillage upon quick release.

Stucchi leads the industry in developing hydraulic quick connect solutions which meet your unique demands. We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification. Learn how Stucchi’s threaded, flat-face quick couplers eliminate leaks for easy transportation and provide solutions to crane hydraulics.