Update: 4/2/2020: updated plant re-opening date to April 14th from April 3rd.

To whom it may concern:

The Stucchi organization has received inquiries from legitimately concerned customers about the impact of Coronavirus ( or COVID-19) on Stucchi employees and our ability to maintain our service levels in 2020.

Our plant is scheduled for a shutdown from March 26th to April 14th.  We want to assure everyone that Stucchi has and intends to remain operational domestically.  We have a flow of goods and inventory level to account for the term of the shutdown.  Stucchi as an organization has introduced measures to protect employee’s health and operational continuity.  We will be proactive with our communication if anything changes.

Stucchi as an organization has introduced measures to protect employee’s health and guarantee operating continuity.  As part of this plan we have executed the following:

  • Cancellations of all visitors
  • Offering on site health checks for employees
  • Introduction of additional cleaning to all work areas
  • Office staff working remotely and cancelling of all non-essential direct face to face meetings
  • Use of personal protective devices for employees

Stucchi is currently reassessing suppliers operating levels to validate their standing is at a proper functional level. Freight forwarders which will play a key role in the flow of goods have no material disruptions to report for sea shipments.  There are some impacts on air shipment lanes which have been impacted by the cancellation of commercial flights from Europe to the U.S.  This has a material impact on cargo freight rates escalating because of those using commercial lanes to forward goods entering the cargo pool.  We are working to mitigate our costs in this area, but the lanes remain available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.



Scott Rolston