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Stucchi offers a variety of multi-coupling plates which improve efficiency and safety during quick connect and disconnect of large diameter lines or multiple lines.

Our multi-coupling plates provide quick connect and disconnect with one simple movement available in the following products:

· DP – 2 to 4 hydraulic or electrical lines
· GR – 2 to 10 hydraulic or electrical lines
· GRE – 4-18 water, air, oil and/or electrical lines
· SV2 PLATE – 2 large diameter hydraulic lines
· BM3 – 2 large diameter hydraulic lines
· ONE POSITION PLATES –  single large diameter line
· FAP & FAPZ replacement couplers are available as spare part replacement items. Contact us to learn more about these products.

Stucchi provides assistance in analyzing your process to determine the most advantageous multi-coupling system for your process.

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