threaded hydraulic fittingsInnovative threaded hydraulic fittings are proven to improve a wide range of heavy duty applications with reliable and durable hydraulic connections. Heavy duty equipment used in many industries requires hydraulic connections that hold up during continual torsion, pressure, vibration and exterior elements such as dirt, snow and ice.

Contractors need to know that they can rely on their equipment to meet operational goals without any hydraulic leaks and with no unscheduled downtime. Meeting productivity goals is key to achieving targeted profitability, without additional costs due to environmental clean-up or hydraulic fitting replacements.

Many Industries Benefit from Threaded Hydraulic Fittings

Many industries and applications benefit from threaded hydraulic fittings, which provide added durability and safety over other types of hydraulic quick couplers. In applications which are subjected to high pressure impulses or residual pressure in a line, threaded couplings provide a safer workplace and help to prevent environmental contamination.

Threaded hydraulic couplings improve operations in many industrial applications such as:

Construction – construction sites utilize heavy equipment such as cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks and many other types of heavy equipment and attachments. Threaded quick couplers provide reliable connections to meet productivity goals.

Demolition – excavators and other heavy equipment used in demolition processes take a beating with continual hammering, breaking, and other demolition processes. Threaded hydraulic fittings support demolition applications by holding up to these heavy duty processes with durable, leak-free connections.

Mobile – mobile equipment must maintain a fast pace while exposed to external elements and rugged terrain. Threaded hydraulic couplings provide a solution to all mobile applications including transportation, snow and waste removal and maintenance vehicles.

Oil and Gas – the oil and gas industry is faced with high rigorous demands to meet productivity goals when drilling or extracting natural oil and gas. Threaded quick couplers hold up to the pressure in this type of equipment with leak-free connections that keep workers safe and promote timely operations.

Agricultural – heavy equipment that works the land must maintain leak free connections to prevent hydraulic fluid leaks especially on the ground that is the biggest resource. Threaded couplings protect crops from fluid leaks with durable connections in harsh environments.

Industrial – Manufacturers must meet productivity goals often running presses and a variety of equipment 24/7 to meet production requirements. Manufacturers such as OEMs in the steel and automotive industry cannot afford unscheduled downtime. Threaded hydraulic fittings provide a solution with reliable connections. Combine with multi-coupling plates for even faster maintenance or preventive service operations with quick connect and release of multiple lines with one simple motion.

Stucchi Offers Innovative Threaded Hydraulic Fittings

Stucchi is an industry leading provider of hydraulic quick connect solutions with over 60 years in business and the most skilled hydraulic specialists available in the industry. We offer a wide selection of threaded hydraulic fittings for any application need and provide innovative, first-to-market products to meet demanding hydraulic circuit connection needs.

Our threaded hydraulic fitting products include:

VEP – a popular choice in many applications where high residual pressure exists.
VEPHD – the same benefits of the VEP with an upgraded, heavier duty material, larger mating space and additional benefits.
VEPHDL – all the benefits of the VEP Series with a locking mechanism for failsafe connections.
VP – an auto-locking flat face coupler that provides positive secondary retention making it a popular choice in high-pressure processes.
VT17-ZN RoT-lock – an innovative, screw-to-connect threaded flat face hydraulic fitting with a new axial bearing design and automatic locking sleeve. The V17-ZN RoT-lock supports applications with the most severe pressure impulses, rotation and vibration of hoses.

Stucchi offers these threaded, flat face quick couplers and a wide selection of additional quick couplers for nearly any hydraulic application. We differ from other hydraulic quick coupler suppliers in our level of expertise and commitment to providing hydraulic solutions. Our hydraulic specialists are always ready to take your call to offer advice and solutions to your hydraulic problem.

Stucchi excels in providing process analysis and custom designed solutions to meet your hydraulic circuit needs. We offer a wide selection of hydraulic quick couplers, multi-plates, dust caps, repair kits, and technical assistance from experienced hydraulic specialists. Contact us with any questions and to speak with an engineer to learn the many benefits from our threaded hydraulic fittings.