Railroad Hydraulic Hand Tools Maintenance Tips

Railroad Hydraulic Hand SawHydraulic hand tools for railroad maintenance of way allow railway workers to perform quick maintenance with powerful tools to keep the tracks in proper working condition. Hydraulic systems are highly sophisticated and power a wide range of machinery and equipment, including hand tools which are transportable for convenient railroad maintenance work. Hydraulic railroad hand tools reduce the physical stress on operators over traditional tools and allow for quick maintenance and repair to prevent train delays.

Hydraulic machinery and equipment including railway hand tools are dependable when regular and thorough hydraulic maintenance is performed. Maintaining hydraulic tools and equipment includes:

  • Regularly changing any hydraulic filters
  • Checking hydraulic hoses carefully
  • Checking for any leaking quick couplers
  • Analyzing hydraulic fluid periodically


One problem that many railway operators experience is difficulty to connect under pressure when hydraulic hand tools are kept in a truck and experience increased pressure due to thermal expansion. When this occurs, most operators attempt to expel any built-up pressure, although a change in quick couplers can significantly improve this process.

Hydraulic Railway Hand Tool Couplers Connect under Pressure

Stucchi offers quick connect solutions for railway hand tools that experience difficulty connecting under trapped or residual pressure or pressure caused by thermal expansion. Our flat face hydraulic quick couplers provide easy connect under pressure with no leak performance. Stucchi’s design of the flat face couplers set the ISO 16028 standard for leak free, dripless connections. This protects the environment with no fluid leaks on the ground and keeps maintenance garages cleaner with no fluid spills when connecting or disconnecting inside.

Troubleshooting Tips for Hydraulic Rail Saws

Hydraulic rail saws can cut through rails with a powerful hydraulic motor that maximizes power while reducing heat and energy waste. Hydraulic rail saws provide quick and accurate setup and feature an ergonomic long saw arm allowing the operator to use in a standing position. For operators experiencing trouble with hydraulic rail saws, some troubleshooting tips include:

  • If the saw will not run – a possible cause for this could be that the hydraulic power source is not functioning correctly, hoses or couplers could be blocked, or it could be a mechanical failure. In this case, first check the power source for proper flow and pressure, remove any obstructions, if you suspect mechanical failure have the tools serviced by an authorized dealer.
  • The saw runs backwards – if this happens, the pressure and return lines are connected incorrectly. Reconnect the hose connections correctly, the motor shaft should rotate counterclockwise as viewed from the end.
  • The saw is cutting too slowly – this could happen due to high back pressure, a relief valve set too low, or from insufficient fluid flow. Check the hydraulic supply and have the saw serviced if the supply is correct.
  • Fluid leakage – this is a sign of seal failure. Do not use the saw in the presence of fluid leakage and have it serviced. Learn about Stucchi’s leak-free quick couplers for railway hydraulic hand tools.
  • The saw cuts off center – if the hydraulic rail saw is cutting off center and binding, it is likely the bearings are worn out on the link arms, or the cutting technique is incorrect. If the bearings are worn out, have the unit serviced and review proper operating procedures.

Stucchi offers hydraulic quick couplers and adapters for railway hydraulic hand tools that eliminate fluid leaks and connect easily under pressure. Some of our popular quick couplers for railway hydraulic hand tools include:

APM Series – the APM series allows for easy quick connect in any circuit experiencing residual or trapped pressure or pressure due to thermal expansion. The APM flat face quick coupler connects easily by hand without any fluid leaks.

FIRG Series – This flat face quick coupler series is the original ISO 16028 interchangeable coupling, with an integrated sealing mechanism that significantly reduces premature wear as well as provides no leak performance.

Stucchi has been an industry-leading hydraulic specialist for more than 60 years, offering innovative, first to market product solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. We provide solutions to the railroad industry with hydraulic solutions for hand tools, auxiliary quick couplers for railway excavators, and quick set up of railway cranes. Contact us to learn more about the many quick couplers and multi-coupling plates that help to keep America’s rails operational while improving safety and efficiency of railway maintenance processes.