Keep Snow and Ice Removal Fleets on the Road

Snow and ice removal equipment can be complex, with many hydraulic, electrical, and computerized systems working together. There are many different types of snow and ice removal equipment from the standard plow truck we see on the road, to trucks with side plows, tow plows, salt spreaders and snow throwers. One thing that all of this mobile equipment has in common is the hydraulic system.

Not All Hydraulic Systems are Created Equal

The reality is that hydraulic systems break down and some installations can be more challenging than others. Not all hydraulics are installed the same way, in fact the hydraulic system can be quite different from one truck to the next. This might be something that operators do not give much thought to until there is a problem.

Many plow trucks are still equipped with poppet style hydraulic quick couplers. Poppet couplers will leak every time they are disconnected, causing contamination on the ground or in your garage. Many operators are not aware that a better option exists.

The Importance of Snow and Ice Removal

When it is the middle of winter and the hydraulic system on your truck has broken down, far more serious consequences beyond lost productivity can occur. Snow and ice removal is critical to commuter safety. Automobile accidents causing serious injury and loss of life can occur on snow and ice covered roads.

Snow removal companies and municipalities must prioritize maintenance on their mobile equipment for reliable performance to keep their trucks on the road when needed.

Hydraulic Challenges with Snow Removal Equipment

Hydraulic Oil Leaks

Hydraulic oil leaks can be a common occurrence with snow removal equipment, although this no longer has to be the case. Quick disconnect of poppet style couplers can cause oil leaks as well as damaged O-rings or broken seals. Using the wrong type of hydraulic quick couplers in the first place can also create leaks. If the wrong quick couplers are in place or they become rusted, oil leaks and loss of pressure can occur which can affect equipment performance or cause unexpected downtime. If loss of oil pressure occurs, water can seep into the hydraulic system which creates additional problems such as freezing in the pump itself.

Stucchi offers flat face hydraulic quick couplers with leak free connect and quick disconnect performance, solving this problem for snow removal equipment.

Quick Connect under Pressure

Quick connect under pressure is another problem that operators face when operating snow removal mobile equipment. Even in freezing conditions, exposure to sun when on the road or parked in a lot can create thermal expansion. This causes problems for many type of hydraulic couplers when operators need to quickly connect an attachment or perform maintenance on their equipment.

The inability to connect under pressure causes delays in getting your snow removal equipment on the road, which creates undue safety risks for travelers. Stucchi offers a solution with quick couplers that easily connect under pressure combined with multi-coupling plates for quick and easy connections and disconnections.

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Stucchi Hydraulic Solutions for Snow Removal Equipment

Stucchi is a world leader in providing hydraulic solutions for all types of mobile equipment and many other industries and applications. If your snow removal fleet is experiencing any problems with oil leaks or connecting under pressure, Stucchi has you covered. We offer hydraulic solutions with quick couplers that connect and disconnect without leakage, are resistant to corrosion, and provide the ability to quick connect or disconnect multiple lines at once.

For reliable hydraulic solutions to keep your snow removal equipment on the road, remember it is not the weather that poses the challenge, it is whether you are properly equipped.

Leak-free, Flat Face Quick Couplers

Stucchi offers leak-free, flat face quick couplers that easily connect under pressure such as the APM series and the FAP and FAPZ Series.

APM Series – Stucchi’s APM series of flat face quick couplers easily connect under pressure with no fluid leakage on quick disconnect. See this case study for more information on how Stucchi improved serviceability of one municipality’s snow removal equipment, prevented leakage, eliminating freezing issues and preventing delays on the road.

FAP and FAPZ Series – these flat face quick couplers are resistant to corrosion with carbon steel and zinc plating. They are ideal for use in our multi-coupling plates, allowing for leak free quick connect under pressure.

Multi-Coupling PlatesHydraulic Multi-Coupling Plate for Snow Removal

Multi-Coupling Plates – Stucchi’s multi-coupling plates provide significant advantages to snow and ice removal equipment operators with the ability to quick connect and disconnect multiple lines at once, with one simple movement. Some equipment manufacturers recommend Stucchi’s multi-coupling plates as a standard installation option.

Stucchi provides hydraulic solutions to the snow and ice removal mobile equipment industry, helping many commercial proprietors and large fleet operators including municipalities and DOT services. Learn more about our hydraulic solutions for snow and ice removal equipment with our FREE Guide on How to Improve Snow Removal Mobile Equipment Performance.

Stucchi offers more than 60 years of experience in providing hydraulic solutions to mobile equipment and many other industries. Our hydraulic specialists excel in troubleshooting and providing the solutions to your biggest challenges. Contact us to learn more about improving the performance of your snow and ice removal equipment with leak-free, reliable hydraulic solutions that keep your trucks on the road.