Bobcat Hydraulic Fittings Aid Snow Removal

Bobcat hydraulic fittingsMany landscaping and snow removal companies are gearing up for the inevitable snowfall that keeps them busy every winter. When efficient operation of your snow removal equipment is paramount to meeting job requirements with profitable operations, Bobcat hydraulic fittings which stand up to harsh weather conditions are mandatory. Bobcat machines are the equipment of choice for many snow removal professionals, handling the job of clearing snow on paths, sidewalks and driveways to large parking lots with powerful Bobcat equipment and attachments.

Bobcat provides a few different options with snow removal equipment, such as the Skid Steer Loaders, Toolcat Utility Work Machines and Utility Vehicles. No matter the snow removal equipment of choice, keeping these vehicles running with smooth operation is critical for a profitable winter. Maintaining reliable, leak free connections with Bobcat fittings and quick couplers designed to stand up to harsh winter weather will ensure that you run out of snow before you run out of options.

Stucchi Offers Bobcat Hydraulic Fittings for Snow Removal

Snow Removal Bobcat


Stucchi offers bobcat hydraulic fittings for snow removal and agricultural processes which keep your equipment in operation. Meeting the rugged demands of agricultural equipment requires rugged attachments and components, including tough hydraulic fittings designed to withstand harsh elements. Bobcat hydraulic fittings must be durable to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, dirt, debris, ice and salt when used in snow removal processes.

Meeting these demands with leak free performance is critical to protecting the environment from contamination. Choosing the right couplers for your agricultural equipment will keep you on schedule while protecting the environment. Quick change couplers which provide versatility with leak free connections improve your process and safety.

Stucchi offers several couplers for agricultural processes, such as the BIR ISO A Interchange poppet style coupler and the A-ZN series of flat face couplings, which are designed for high resistance to corrosion.

BIR Series Poppet Style Hydraulic Fitting

he BIR ISO A Interchange coupler is one of the most popular coupling used worldwide. The poppet style valve provides a reliable sealing mechanism while the zinc plating and nitrile seals deliver long lasting durability. The BIR series is available in ¼” to 2” to meet a variety of hydraulic connection processes. Port connections include NPT, BSP and SAE with ISO A interchangeability and a working pressure of 13 to 35 MPa/1885-5075 psi range. The large diameter sleeves constructed of hardened steel provide long life with resistance to deformation in open or closed center hydraulic systems.

You can find the BIR Series of ISO Interchange couplings in many applications worldwide such as industrial plants, various hydraulic applications, agricultural and mobile equipment.

AZ-N Series of Flat Face Couplings

When looking for agricultural or bobcat hydraulic fittings, be sure to speak with a specialist at Stucchi about the many choices for leak free agricultural equipment couplers. The Z version provides superior flow ratings with lower pressure drop to comparable products. The AZ-N series of flat face couplings provides high resistance to corrosion with zinc plating rated for 1,000 hours before red spotting occurs, exceeding the ISO salt spray test.

The ISO salt spray test is also referred to as the salt fog test, which is a popular standardized test method to check the resistance to corrosion of various materials. After a predetermined amount of time the material is checked for the appearance of corrosion such as rust or other oxides. The AZ-N flat face coupler is ideal in environments medium to highly corrosive environments.

The AZ-N agricultural coupler is available in sizes from 3/8” through 5/8” with port options NPT interchangeable with ISO 16028. This durable quick coupler exceeds the salt spray test and the impulse test of ISOA-7241, and is constructed of hardened steel, with 12 to 20 balls to reduce brinelling. The locking systems prevents accidental disconnection with a modular structure for multiple port options.

You can find the AZ-N hydraulic fitting anywhere hydraulic circuit contamination and fluid loss must be eliminated such as mobile construction, mining operations, agricultural and snow removal applications. Stucchi offers one of the widest selections of hydraulic quick couplers available, with flat face, threaded flat face, high pressure couplers and multi-coupling plates which provide significant process improvement when multiple lines are used. We provide custom designed couplers for challenging configurations to meet your specifications.

Stucchi is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of reliable hydraulic quick couplers with in-depth knowledge of designing and developing connection solutions. We offer quick connect solutions which improve process efficiency and safety. Contact us to speak with an engineer about the best quick connect solution for your process including the most durable Bobcat hydraulic fittings.