How to Connect and Disconnect Stucchi’s DP Series Multiplate

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How to Connect and Disconnect Hydraulic and Electrical Connections using Stucchi’s DP Series Multiplate

Watch this video to learn the many benefits of Stucchi’s 6-position DP Series Multi-Coupling Plate, allowing the connection of up to six lines with different media. The DP Series provides many features and benefits, including:

  • Allows the simultaneous connection and disconnection of up to 6 hydraulic and/or electrical connectors without risking crossmatching lines.
  • A single-handle movement allows for a quick and easy connection of these lines, requiring minimal force to connect or disconnect.
  • An automatic lock engages when fully connected, which prevents accidental and unwanted disconnection.
  • The flat face connections used are modular and can be customized for specific application sizes and medium requirements, including options like connection under residual pressure or stainless steel to protect against corrosion.

The most common DP Series Multi-Coupling Plate features connection of two to four lines.  Ask a Stucchi representative about the 6-position DP Series.