Hydraulic Quick Couplings for Aviation Testing: Solutions for Aeronautic OEMs

Aeronautics Hydraulic Testing

The aeronautics industry is tasked with the production of aircraft that meets a strict set of safety standards without jeopardizing efficiency while preventing unscheduled aircraft downtime. Testing the hydraulic systems of aircraft during production and ground support processes is critical to meeting both of these goals of safety and efficiency. High-quality hydraulic quick couplers designed to meet the demands of the aviation industry help OEMs with safe and reliable testing of aircraft hydraulic systems.

Aeronautic OEMs Prevent Hydraulic Contamination with Skydrol Series

Hydraulic fluid contamination can cause aviation safety issues, problems in flight, and damage to expensive aviation components. Testing the hydraulic systems of all types of planes including commercial planes, private planes, military aircraft, helicopters, rockets and drones is a continual process. Connecting aircraft to the hydraulic power unit with self-sealing, leak-free, quick disconnect couplers helps to avoid safety issues and prevent unscheduled aircraft downtime.

Aeronautic OEMs can help to avoid these issues with high-quality hydraulic quick couplers designed specifically for the aeronautical industry and Skyrol fluid, the fire-resistant hydraulic fluid aircraft. Stucchi offers our Skydrol series of quick couplers for aviation applications that facilitates aircraft production, maintenance, and aircraft overhaul processes.

Stucchi’s Skydrol Series Passes with Flying ColorsHydraulic Quick Couplers for Skydrol

Stucchi’s Skydrol Series of hydraulic quick couplers designed specifically for the aeronautics industry provide solutions for efficient hydraulic testing at test stands and rigs. Our Skydrol Series of hydraulic quick couplers help some of the largest aeronautic OEMs to meet safety and production goals.

Due to our collaboration with many OEMs in the field of Aeronautics, we have researched, tested, and put a series of products on the market that meet the demanding and strict requirements for hydraulic testing of aircraft.

Skydrol Series of Flat-Face, Leak-Free, Pressure Resistant Quick Couplers

Stucchi’s Skydol Series consists of three flat face quick coupling products:

A-SK: Stucchi’s A-SK series features an internal design of high resistance material that allows for higher operating pressure while maintaining minimal pressure drop. The A-SK series eliminates fluid loss and circuit contamination where high performance is necessary.

VP-SK: The VP-SK threaded flat face quick coupling series is a screw-to-connect coupling system that eliminates premature wear and brinelling, suitable in circuits with high operating pressure and impulse pressures. Featuring Stucchi’s flat face design, the VP-SK series avoids fluid loss with leak-free quick connect and disconnect. The VP-SK series is ideal where strong vibration and torsion issues are present in the most extreme operating conditions.

VEP-SK: Stucchi’s VEP-SK threaded flat face quick coupling is another result of our continual improvement and first-to-market products designed for heavy-duty applications. The screw-to-connect VEP-SK series provides reliable aviation quick-connect solutions in aeronautical testing applications where high operating pressures, mechanical stress, and impulse frequency are present. Engineered with high-resistance carbon steel and a special nitriding treatment, the VEP-SK provides reliable quick connect solutions with increased wear resistance in aeronautical testing applications.

Benefits of Stucchi’s VEP-SK Skydrol Series

Stucchi’s Skydrol Series provides hydraulic quick-connect solutions to the aviation industry with many benefits of the VEP-SK including:

  • Minimal fluid spillage during quick disconnect, improving safety and environmental protection
  • Stucchi’s flat-face couplers are easy to clean and reduce contamination inside the hydraulic circuit
  • Minimal air inclusion during quick connect
  • Internal valve design maintains circuit efficiency with minimal pressure drop
  • Provides good resistance to pressure impulses
  • A modular design allows flexibility with various configurations
  • Featuring a compact, slim design that is safe and simple to use

Stucchi has been a leading provider of hydraulic solutions for more than 60 years. Our team of hydraulic specialists design, engineer, and produce hydraulic quick couplings, multi-coupling plates, and hydraulic adapters to meet the demanding needs of various applications across a broad range of industries. Contact us to learn more about our Skydrol Series for hydraulic testing of aircraft which provides safety and efficiency solutions to the aeronautics industry.