Caps & Repair Kits

to extend the life of your couplers

dust caps


Protect, maintain, and extend the life of your quick connect couplings.

Dust Caps & Repair Kits

Protective caps and plugs are useful accessories that prevent damaging dust, water or mud from entering the quick couplings, thus lengthening their working lives. Repair kits are available upon request.

  • Material for flat face, and poppet series caps: PVC/rubber blend 
  • Material for IVHP, VP, VEP series caps: aluminum
  • Nylon flip caps available on flat face
  • Color: red is standard with options for black, blue, yellow, green, etc.
  • Designation: F for coupler, M for nipple
  • Anywhere dust, water or mud may enter quick couplings and shorten their lives
  • General construction/building industry
  • Earth moving, where large quantities of materials such as sand and earth are moved.

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