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  • We are currently using flat face couplings on a hydraulic breaker and after a short amount of time, the two halves become locked together and need to be replaced. Is there a different product better suited for our application?
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Hydraulic Breaker circuits are a tough application for quick couplers, mainly due to the high impulse frequency and hydraulic force created by the tool. The flat face couplings are likely failing due to brinelling, which occurs where the male surfaces deform from the repeated loading and unloading of the locking ball style design. In severe cases, the deformation of the male part can make disconnection difficult or impossible. A threaded flat face product, such as the VEP or VEP HD series, would perform better for this application. A threaded flat face coupler spreads the hydraulic forces evenly over a larger surface area of the threads and eliminates the effect of brinelling for high impulse applications.