How to Troubleshoot Common Problems With Flat Face Couplers

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Watch this video to learn how to troubleshoot common problems users encounter with flat-face couplers.

The most common problems users encounter with flat-face couplers include:

• Leaking while connected or disconnected – One of the most common problems encountered is leaking, which can be caused by damaged seals, contamination, or from damaged components. Learn how to determine which side is leaking, it is only cost-effective to repair the male coupler.
• Difficulty to connect – This is typically due to residual pressure, contamination or damage to the interfacing components, or connecting with constraints from mounting or from hose routing.
• Difficulty to disconnect – This may be caused by damaged components, from not aligning the accidental disconnection device, or from attempting to disconnect with pressure inside the coupler set.

Contact a Stucchi representative for more information on how to troubleshoot common problems with flat face couplers.