I’m looking for screw couplers for my Bobcat T870. I run a forestry mulcher attachment on my skid steer and my couplers do not last long before they start leaking oil.

This is a very common issue for running mulching head attachments on Bobcats. We have a few options for retrofitting with the VEP series that will solve your issue.  Please contact us so we can have our specialist reach out to you with your options.

How do I mount the DP multi-coupling plate? Do both ends need to be rigidly mounted? And what is the expected life-cycle with up to 50 couplings per day?

The DP plate requires just one half to be rigidly mounted. Typically, we recommend the half with the handle to be mounted as this is most user-friendly. Life cycle depends upon the environment, although the couplers can be replaced individually if they begin to fail.  Please watch this quick video …

Do you have a PPC with breakaway capabilities rated for argon gas? I’d like to improve an existing hose connection system for a liquid argon connection used in a steel mill tundish purge. We purge hot tundish with liquid argon to reduce nitrogen and hydrogen pickup.

We do have PPC (Push-Pull Coupler) connection solutions for liquid argon in our flat face coupling series and specialists familiar with steel mill operations. Please contact us directly for more information. We’ll want to know what you are currently using and the argon temperature if you have that available, we …

Do you offer a quick-connect / quick-release solution to facilitate a fast and leak-free disassembly of crawler cranes?

Yes, our threaded, flat-face quick coupling series includes the VEP, proven to help with an efficient and leak-free tear down of crawler cranes. The VEP threaded coupler series provides hydraulic solutions to large equipment with junction points such as cranes and drilling machines as well as excavator auxiliary lines.

Can you send repair instructions for rebuild kits? I need to repair VEPHD connects on a Prinoth Snow Cat. I have the repair kits, male and female, and want to know the proper replacement method before I disassemble the fitting.

We have a lot of experience in providing hydraulic solutions to fleet mechanics at ski resorts. We can send you instructions for the male side and will request female side instructions from engineering as that is not quite as accessible. Prinoth may provide female repair kits, although we typically do …