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Coupler connections must be performed quickly and efficiently when servicing oil and gas wells, and any incorrect connection can lead to failure, safety concerns, and costly unscheduled downtime. Coiled tubing service providers are called in to mitigate operational issues, so it’s important for them to optimize safe and efficient uptime.


No one understands the pain points associated with downtime of drilling rigs and drilling services equipment better than the oil and gas rig managers, fleet managers, and engineers working in the field.  With 10-15 hoses on the back of a truck at any one time, cross connection needs to be avoided at all costs—just one wrong connection could result in an extremely unsafe incident, hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and up to two days of downtime.


Stucchi’s sales and engineering teams worked directly with their Oil and Gas Customer’s team in the field to tailor a successful solution, making the product modifications and improvements to create a heavier-duty multi-coupling plate that was more tolerant of oil-field abuses.  While continuing to make safety and quality a priority, Stucchi’s Oil and Gas Customer has experienced fleet utility rates as high as 90%, in a market where those rates have dropped as low as 20%.

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