Use of Couplings in Rotary Presses

flat face couplingStucchi’s innovative flat-face quick coupling design makes it possible to connect and disconnect hydraulic lines easily and quickly, without the need to use tools while ensuring a leak-free connection and without pressure drops or risks to the operators. Since 1960, Stucchi designs and fabricates quick couplings and other solutions to fulfill the demands of many different sectors, also adapting to the needs of the international market.

Our hydraulic couplings and adapters excel under extreme application conditions, keeping ideal performance in applications like oil exploration platforms, in civil constructions sites and in the case of other heavy-duty operations. Our products and hydraulic solutions improve many applications in various market sectors.

Flat Face Quick Couplings Aid Rotary Presses

The Stucchi quick couplings are used in many different machines employed in the industrial, productive and manufacturing sectors, including rotary presses. The hydraulic systems of these machines have made it possible to provide these presses with the necessary power to perform their tasks, whether to print sheets as in the case of publishing, or to remove grease from leather in tanneries. In these sectors, it is fundamental to guarantee the continuity of the operations, keeping suitable production rhythms to meet the market requirements.

This is only possible if the machinery is efficient, operates correctly and allows the execution of interventions for maintenance or component replacement in a quick and safe manner. Such requirements are fulfilled by the Stucchi quick couplings that result from 60 years of experience in the sector and from innovations in their design. The flagship of our products is the flat face locking system that offers many advantages.

In the first place, a flat surface is easier and quicker to clean with respect to other configurations: this makes the maintenance of the couplings easier, ensuring their service life along the time and preventing the internal part of the circuit from being contaminated by accumulated dirt.
Additionally, the quantity of air (and of other contaminants in general) that penetrates during this process is negligible, thus avoiding the risk of poor performance or machinery malfunctioning.

During the uncoupling phase, the design of the valves keeps the loss of fluid to a minimum with a positive impact on the safety of work stations and in the preservation of the environment, avoiding the dispersion of pollutants. The coupling and uncoupling operations are carried out quickly, without the need for tools: also guaranteeing a tight coupling, because also under pressure no leaks are noticed and the loss of pressure is also kept to a minimum, ensuring ideal performance and safety levels, both environmental and human.

Another outstanding point of Stucchi quick couplings is versatility: our couplers are available with many different threads that are compatible with several types of flexible tubes.   Our quick couplings can be customized with superficial treatments or gaskets that improve their resistance to specific environmental conditions. Contact us for more information on our high-performance flat face quick couplings.

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