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  • I am looking for some information on your VEPHD SERIES hydraulic couplers. I have a case 1845c and was wondering if the VEPHD would work on my model skid steer?
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The VEPHD Series provides quick connect solutions to many agricultural and skid steer machines.  You can find downloadable specifications here and the VEP Series ID Chart here.

The VEPHD will functionally work on your skid steer, it’s just a matter of determining what port/adapters are needed to install them. Standard ports are NPT and Female SAE (mates with MORB).  Just give us a call or contact us with any questions.

Previous I am inquiring about an application for the GR Plate Series Multi-coupling plate with the following requirements: (4) 1-1/4″ flow coupling (2) 1″ flow coupling (3) 3/8″ flow coupling. We would require (1) stationary plate and (2) mobile plates with above connections, with maximum pressure 350 psi.
Next I am looking to change our 9 individual lines and couplers to a GR Multi-coupling plate series to have a single disconnection point. We need to connect 9 hoses of mixed fluid, air and N2 gases. Can you quote me for a 9-line system with all 3/8″ NPT?
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