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A fleet management company was seeking a solution to operator errors causing hydraulic oil spills at their customers’ locations. First we engaged in an in-depth discovery process to learn how the existing quick couplers were impacting their loading processes in a negative way. We then developed a solution with multi-coupling plates and secondary operations which completely eliminated operator errors and provided many additional benefits.


It was challenging to deliver material on time with no leaks at customer sites, while using manual poppet couplers with the possibility of crossing hydraulic lines. Operator errors were causing oil spills which impacted delivery schedules and their reputation for safety, quality, and reliability.


During the process review, key areas of exposure and problems were identified. We switched from their standard set of push-to-connect manual poppet couplers to multi-coupling plates for their hydraulic pump connection to the PTO & trailer combo.  This eliminated challenges to their loading and offloading processes.

Previous plumbing of the circuits needed to be isolated from each other to eliminate the possibility of the operator connecting to the wrong hydraulic system and causing an oil spill on the loading site. With a plumbing change and utilizing the modularity of multi-coupling plates, the two circuits were isolated from one another.

The Stucchi Solution A GR Series multi coupling plate eliminated the possibility to connect to the wrong circuit.

It was essential that the solution eliminated operator errors. The GR series , designed as a solution for mobile applications, provided the answer for quick pump connections. This eliminated operator errors and unscheduled downtime. Due to its superior connection system, the GR series connects with little effort with a modular design that eliminates the inversion of circuits with error-free connections.


100% elimination of operator errors that caused spills on delivery sites. Delivery schedules are met as promised, without oil spills to deliver customer satisfaction and value.  Additional gains and cost saving benefits of the GR Series multi-coupling plate solution include:

• Allowed delivery drivers to add additional loads to routes because of consistent delivery performance
• Eliminated maintenance personnel from field calls to log more preventive maintenance functions
• Reduced unscheduled downtime of trucks with proper PM program executed
• Elimination of lost revenue and fines due to oil spills