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Stucchi combines forward-thinking problem-solving, decades of design and fabrication experience, and a wealth of engineering expertise to create solutions that work for your industry and specific application. No matter what industry or application, we understand your needs and work to satisfy your safety, total customer satisfaction, efficiency, environmental, and productivity concerns.

backhoe in snow
backhoe Mobile


Working on the move or on the road, it’s important to cover as much territory as possible. All that movement and activity means a lot of wear and tear on your equipment, so you need heavy duty couplers and multi-coupling plates made from rugged materials to withstand the abuse. At the same time, you need quick-change versatility and leak-free environmental protection to keep up the pace, whether you are engaged in demolition, maintenance, construction, transportation, waste management, or snow removal.

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oil rig
oil and gas rig Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Drilling for oil, extracting natural gas, and servicing wells—nothing could be much more challenging or rigorous. The demands to meet challenging productivity goals and increase operational predictability are great, all while protecting your people and your company’s profits. High performance, reliable connection under high pressure helps prevent catastrophic component failure and the resulting negative economic impact at all stages of the oil and gas drilling and servicing process.

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metal manufacturing
Factory Industrial


Producing goods is an unrelenting sequence of events, often performed 24-7. Your production reliability depends on consistency and reduction of downtime. Your increased productivity is demanded constantly, and depends on reducing assembly time and cutting production costs, under tight space constraints. Quick-connect, leak-free couplers and multi-coupling plates can answer the demand for your manufacturing and automation needs, from tier two automotive parts to steel or paper mill production and beyond.

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tractor in field
Tractor Agricultural


Working the land has dual demands—protecting the environment while being exposed to its rigors at the same time. Frequent attachment and implement substitutions have the potential to create hydraulic fluid leaks, and exposure to extremes of temperature, humidity, and dirt and debris cause wear and tear on equipment. The proper couplers and plates save time, prevent harmful leaks, and keep you working with quick-change versatility and leak-free environmental protection.

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Beyond the basics—we start with high-quality, reliable products delivered promptly. Then we add our unmatched process analysis, dedicated to fulfilling your company’s continuous improvement.

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