Coil tubing

Coil tubing is a process commonly used for oil and gas drilling that uses a continuous tube on a spool rather than a large rig to drill and tap into oil. Coil tubing provides the capacity to inject or circulate fluids such as for fracking, to shatter the tiny porous deposits and free the oil from them to collect in a pool and then extract from underground. Coil tubing provides a different methodology to drill for oil, and utilizes a hydraulic system to coil the tubing, often on a tandem system with two trailers side by side. Stucchi provides hydraulic solutions for coil tubing processes that save time, reduce downtime, eliminate crossing of lines, and allow for efficiency in changing hydraulics from one trailer to another. We offer leak-free flat face quick couplers and multi-coupling plates with specialized hydraulic solutions for coil tubing units.

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