Series: I-IP
Push Pull Mount
Stucchi I-IP Series is an extension of the ISO A style couplings and is one of the most popular designs worldwide used in agricultural, mobile equipment, and some industrial applications. The IP Series is the ISO A interchange coupler with a push pull mounting feature. The I Series is the nipple with a modular port design to allow for a range of port options. The Stucchi range is 1/4" thru 1 inch, with port options of NPT, SAE, BSP and DIN.
Technical Characteristics:
  • Connection: pushing the male coupling
  • Disconnection: pulling the male coupling
  • Shutt-off system: poppet valve
  • Connectability: without pressure
  • Panel mounting by the sleeve
  • Suitable for flexible hose connections
  • Breakaway feature (if panel mounted)

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