Series: GRE
Multi-Coupling Plates
GRE Multi-Coupling Plate Overview:
The Stucchi GRE Series of Multi-Coupling Plates is designed as a solution for industrial applications such as fast tool changes on injection molding & die cast equipment. Coupling plates reduce down-time between production runs wherever pneumatic, oil, water, and electrical circuits are to be connected to production machines or test benches, etc. This Series is designed to meet the requirements of flexible manufacturing of present and future production machines and processes. The GRE Series connects with little effort due to its superior guidance pin system. The GRE Series only connects in one position, preventing any connection error by inversion of circuits.
Features & Options:
  • Compact Aluminum manifold construction
  • Port options: female thread, hose barbs, 90 degree
  • Valve options: single shut-off, double shut-off, full flow
  • Snap-Ring mount allows easy installation & maintenance of couplers
  • Auto-Lock design prevents accidental disconnection
  • Circuits: 6-12-18 positions

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