Series: FIRG Q
ISO 16028 Interchange Couplings Flat Face w/-QPQ
FIRG Q Overview:
Stucchi Series FIRG Q is an extension of the FIRG Series that has been produced since 1984. The QPQ plating treatment is a surface hardening treatment providing a corrosion resistant finish that is superior to zinc plating in many environments. it is designed as a low cost alternative for applications where Stainless Steel is cost prohibitive.
FIRG Q Series are suitable for low and medium corrosion applications such as systems operating on mineral oil, steam, water or other low or medium corrosive fluids. Steel Mills, Tire Manufacturing, State or Municipal Right-of-Way spraying.
Product Features & Options:
  • Couplings: internal SS parts, external Carbon with QPQ
  • Seals: Nitrile with Teflon anti-extrusion ring. Viton, Kalrez, EPDM upon request
  • Ports: NPT, SAE
  • Tight tolerances ensure equal loading of couplers
  • Female seal swaged to prevent extrusion
  • No air inclusion during connection
  • Flat mating surface easily cleaned
  • Non-spill design avoids fluid loss during connection / disconnection

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