Series: A-HD
ISO 16028 Interchange Couplings Connect Under Pressure Female
A-HD Overview:
Stucchi A-HD (formerly ASP) Series Female Couplings will connect by hand with residual pressure of 1500 psi locked in the hydraulic circuit. It will connect with residual pressure without releasing any fluid into the environment. The mating circuit will need to be without residual pressure.
Mobile equipment & attachment tools where exposure to the sun, or temperature change causes pressure to develop due to thermal expansion of trapped fluid. Any application where static pressure can get locked into the system.
  • Vusual ID : Black Ring on Face of Coupler
  • Connects Under Pressure by hand: 1595 psi
  • No air inclusion during connection
  • Bi-Directional Flow
  • Elimination of fluid loss during connection or disconnection
  • Easily cleaned before connection
  • Interchangeable with ISO 16028

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To Connect, wipe the mating surfaces clean, align the coupling & nipple, push together. To Disconnect, pull back the sleeve on the female and the couplers release.