Product: FV - VP - Q
Application: Hydraulic attachments on the back and front side of the snowplow
Market: Snow Plow
Nominal Diameter: ISO 6.3,10,12.5,16,19,25
Max Operating Pressure Coupled: 450 Bar
Seals: NBR
Type of fluid: Hydraulic oil
Main feature: Robust construction improved corrosion resistance. Possibility to be coupled and uncoupled under pressure.


Product: VP - QA
Application: Hydraulic close center on multifunctional vehicle
Market: Vehicles
Nominal Diameter: ISO 10,12.5
Max Operating Pressure Coupled: 300 Bar
Seals: NBR
Type of fluid: Hydraulic oil
Main feature: Robust construction, hight corrosion resistance.


Product: FT27
Application: Cooling system of electricity converter
Market: Vehicles
Nominal Diameter: ISO 31.5
Max Operating Pressure Coupled: 10 Bar
Seals: Fluorurosilicone
Type of fluid: Thermal Oil
Main feature: Light construction. High corrosion resistance. Low pressure drop 90 degree conduction of the flow. Low spillage and low air inclusion. Panel flange on male half.


Product: FIRG14QVDO
Application: Burner of aerostatics balloons, surgery tables
Market: Aerospace, Hospitals
Nominal Diameter: ISO 6.3
Max Operating Pressure Coupled: 80 Bar
Seals: Viton
Type of fluid: Propane gas, hydraulic oil
Main feature: Self turning security sleeve. Double seal in the male half to reduce spillage and air inclusion.